Day 20 — Sun Dance

Today I feel like not focusing on my intention and writing about something else. I also thought about posting this picture all day. I don’t know this person and did not receive permission to take the picture, post it or wrote about them. I also want to point out that I know nothing about them and this is again a writing exercise for myself. If someone is offended by this please just let me know and I’ll remove it.

New York, 2017 (I don’t track days)

I deleted shame from my thoughts a long time ago. It just became easier that way. Riding subways to get some sleep, picking garbage for food and clothing only happens if you tuck shame away. I won’t beg for money though. It’s just not the way I was brought up. I wrote a clever sign once when I saw how much coins it brought one guy I knew over 14th Street. But sitting down and waiting on the kindness of strangers really bothered me. I’m not one to ask for help. In retrospect, it’s probably why I’m where I am. I can still claim to be self made though. Although how made am I?

The Q train has always been a good sleep train. It’s less ideal now that it stays in Manhattan. I’m sure folks who use it for commuting are happy but it’s made sleeping a little tougher. Not impossible though. You know once you get as tired as I do, you really can sleep anywhere. I also have really strange sleeping patterns. I hear that’s what happens with great minds. I haven’t reached my potential but I do think my mind is pretty awesome. I also think my sleeping patterns are all messed up because I don’t have a schedule. Where do I have to be at 9am? Nowhere. How about 9pm? Also nowhere.

Anyways, enough of this writing stuff for today. I need some new shoes. I’m going to rummage around Harlem for that today. Another nice thing about the Q, new neighborhood!

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