But, Self-Driving Car Engineers don’t need to know C/C++, right?
Miguel Morales

But, Self-Driving Car Engineers don’t need to know C/C++, right?

Of course, they don’t! In the XXI century who would have the madness of learning such deprecated languages? It is true and we have to recognize that the NASA Mars Explorer Rover and the CERN Large Hadron Collider have their core codes developed in C & C++, but everyone worldwide should accept that these mentioned examples are just punctual and “scholar” projects! The same applies for green & inexperienced Wall Street Trading Firms, like Bloomberg, that look for real time data for their real time transactions! That is not required at all, it is just.. -how to describe it? — the ridiculous obsession for real time information that few eccentric people still have (who are even moving their apps to FPGAs for fastest results)! It is time to say that modern software for new healthcare devices, like defibrillators, should be developed in interpreted scripting languages running on a virtual machine to be in consonance with the new revolutionary technologies (it is also true that a defibrillator is required to provide a response in 120 ms, but… who really cares about that…?).
So, those statistics are surely false… Shame on you… ;-D


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