Why we are so insignificantly important

From the beginning of mankind humans have tried to explain where we are and why we are here. With a universe so immense (and terrifying) as ours man needed to prove they were not only an occasional passenger in history (because our ego is probably even bigger than the universe). Therefore, man set itself on a journey to emphasize his importance in the universe and life; he ended up creating religion which is basically: Yes there is a bigger power than us, BUT the thing he cares the most about and his central focus is us, humans (Of course, we had to be). But this, along with the earth is flat, might just be the most utopian belief ever.

So I think you know where I am going by now, and yes, we as humans are practically insignificant. Yes, you on your computer and yes me writing this. A 100 years will go by and we will probably will not be remembered, make it 50 or 20 or in fact right now. No one knows and no one cares what you’re doing or what you’ve done, if you like the colour red or the colour blue.

Nevertheless, it’s not all disaster, quite the contrary really. We just happen to have an amazing opportunity in front of us. With nothing to lose, you and me and everyone, have the world ahead of us to take the risk and try to change the world. Because being insignificant might just be our biggest asset yet. Because being insignificant makes us realize that things such as “job security” or a “calm, normal life” are not worth it because there is little to lose in what you have but a LOT to lose in what you could have done with your life. Now, things such as if the girl next to you likes you happen to be much less important than it were a day ago; because you have come to the realization that the only true important thing is the impact we have through our time in this earth.

So stop eating that idea of self-grandiose human kind has created of itself, we are not grandiose. Not even close. But we can create great things, that’s for sure. And being insignificant gives living much more sense than ever before. Because you have a net and unlimited shots, just don’t be too much of a pussy to not take them.