Backend API REST with NodeJS

Let´s create it from scratch

$ npm init

$ npm install mongoose — save
$ npm install express — save
$ npm install body-parser — save — save-dev

#01 Coding — snippet 01

#Code Snippet 02

Api Server with Mongo DB and the API REST for places implemented

We will invoke with the postman client: Let see that the content-type is application/json to send the json body to the server

We can observe that it is called with a “post” method

And it was inserted to the database:

#03 Insert into the database

Notas about insert

I will add two fields, x and y that don´t belong to the schema:

The result is that x and y are suppress in the insert process to the database:

How to use mongoose model without schema?

With strict in false, we can insert also x,y in the database:

Strict set to false

Some highlights about MongoDB:

a) Insert in MongoDB: you don´t need an Schema, but this is a good practice

b) Insert in MognoDB: you can add fields that are not defined in the schema

c) It is interesting to compare a SQL a non SQL table:


we read:

  • Table vs Collection
  • Row vs Document
  • Column vs Field
  • Joins vs Embedded Documents, links (About this point there is a good practice that is link document in the less cardinality direction…)

And the Query Language differences

Other interesting tips about mongoose:

Virtuals: are document properties that you can get and set but that do not get persisted to MongoDB. The getters are useful for formatting or combining fields.

GeoJSON: This is a standard to represent geographic data structures, like lineal, point, etc. MongoDB no only support save this kind of points, but also do specific queries of “near”, “distance”, etc. (geospatial queries: queries for inclusion, intersection and proximity: more info here or may be here)

If I have a little time, I will add some of it to the api.

I will stop the post at this stage, I guess that soon I will add the GeoJSON example

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