Install AWS CLI on Ubuntu

Do you need the command line AWS CLI on your ubuntu instance? I you are reading it, I guess so… I will copy the steps that I will have to do to install the AWS CLI con my ubuntu instance:

Official doc:

I will follow the official doc that recommend to use pip to install the AWS CLI

Install the AWS CLI Using Pip

Install python

sudo apt-get install python2.7
sudo apt-get install python2.7

Install pip

$ sudo python2.7

Install the AWS CLI Using pip

$ sudo pip install awscli
sudo pip install awscli

Test the AWS CLI Installation

$ aws help

And ok! we have AWS CLI installed on ubuntu

Configura AWS CLI

Next step is configure AWS CLI

$ aws configure

I had to create again the access key and the secret key:

to configure

$ aws configure

to update

$ aws configure

With AWS CLI installed we can continue with other Docker tutorials

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