Running Docker Images on AWS

On a AWS instance I have already installed docker… In this post I will write about some docker images running on it

Where are the docker images? I will install docker images from


But there are other images:

#01: Whalesay

sudo docker run docker/whalesay cowsay pablo

#02 Tateti

The image is not in my repo:

[Fri Jan 13 02:48:48 ubuntu@~ ] $ sudo docker run tetatetit/os-docker
Unable to find image ‘tetatetit/os-docker:latest’ locally
Pulling repository
docker: Tag latest not found in repository
See ‘docker run — help’.

#03 Stock price

Let´s try:

HTTPServer#start: pid=1 port=4567

How can I browse it? Let´s run again with -P parameter to map the ports:

run -p

and let see the docker instances and their mapped port:

And we open the port on AWS EC2 console -> security — inbound

And the result:

Docker log (with 404):

Ok, I will finish the post there,

We run some docker instances and browse some of them

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