Test Docker Compose

Let´s see what docker compose is following the official docker tutorial:

I have already installed the docker-compose apps (I won´t explain in this post how I had installed it, but don´t worry, it is very easy to install docker on linux and there is many good tutorial on Internet..)

Let´s start

The steps are

Step 1: Setup
Step 2: Create a Dockerfile
After steps 1, and step2
Flask es un microframework en python basado en Werkzeug que te permite crear aplicaciones web rápidamente y con un mínimo número de líneas de código.

Step 3: Define services in a Compose file


Step 4: Build and run your app with Compose


And we have the app ALIVE and running the phyton code

Other commands:

Run your services in the background

$ sudo docker-compose up -d

$ sudo docker-compose ps

Up and stop

Let´s see the images created:

Let see a full sequence of commands to see the lifecycle of the docker instances in the effect of the docker-compose commands:

Full lifecycle

Ok, I will stop the post there with a good understanding about what docker compose does.

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