Your ideas do not need anything else to transform the world.

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I just reviewed “Inside Out” (2015). Man, if human creativity has a limit, no doubt this film should be close to that. I cried in tears (spoiler alert!) when, at the very end, the girl cries because she misses the city that her and her family had left behind. Embracing father and mother, she does not hold the sadness, and the three together find there in family love the strength to keep going.

Is not it beautiful? Then I thought: none of this exists. This girl does not exist, this family does not exist, the girl’s feelings do not exist. Everything, absolutely everything there was created by a team of creatives and designers. Do you believe it? I was thrilled that someone put together a bunch of three-dimensional shapes and turned them into a sweet 12-year-old girl who cries because misses her hometown!

Only me see the power of it? Look, I write this inside a bus as I move to sit at a computer and work on the design of a visual identity. I do not usually carry anything when I go to work, neither backpack or purse. My hands are empty, I am alone with the clothes of the body, wallet and cell phone in the pockets. When I complete this project (like so many others I’ve already completed) a new client will have a new logo and a new language. An essence, a purpose, a business, the dream of somebody, the gain of a lot of people, a human enterprise of tremendous transformative potential: I will represent an entire company with my ideas alone. I do not need to carry anything with me or use any raw material or input to make it happen, just ideas, I just need myself, my thoughts and my ideas.

Is not this beautiful? Just like the 12-year-old girl from the film, a pure creation, that pop out of the head of a group of creative people and thrilled a lot of people, every design I work, every design that every designer develops, every creation that every creative creates, finally, every creative idea born of someone’s head, has the power to generate emotions. Every logo you create, every sticker you animate, every little business card you design has the same capacity to turn people’s emotions, the same capacity as that 12-year-old girl that does not exist in the real world.

No, I’m not exaggerating. You, me, as well as the Pixar team, as well as any creative that exists in the world, can, with their ideas alone, transform things, transform people, bring humanity forward. Your ideas, alone, without the need of any raw material, transform the world and the people — you get it? A well-crafted copy created in an ad can transform a company’s story. A new branding can symbolize a new moment for a mega corporation and bring people together for a purpose. A pretty flyer you design can make someone think of spending their money in that specific business, making the world economically spin, walk, transform. Every little creation of yours has consequences in the world and in people, consequences that you often do not see, but they are happening. You are not just creating a logo, you are transforming a little part of the world just with your ideas.

So remember this: when the deadline presses you, when your client is driving you insane and is making you want to kick everything, when your earnings and your unstable life pisses you off, remember the transformative power that your ideas have. I cried in tears for a girl who does not exist! The emotion that your work generates takes humanity forward. And you just need ideas. This is too big. Everything else is small.

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