Is the Education in Spain the correct?

No. Im sure that the answer is no. Im a student of a High School in the south of Madrid so i know very well the answer. The first problem is:

  1. What is the objetive of the high school?

I think that this is the most important problem that spain has. The logical answer is “Learn the basic knowledge, learn the culture of your country and learn the basic skills that you will need in the future for work” but not, the answer that i have seen in 5 years of high school is “We are preparing you to aprove the selectivity” . The selectivity is an exam that you have to do if you want to go to university. The mark of selectivity decide the career you will study. The maximum score you could have is 14. For example if you want to study medicine you have to get a mark of 13.

2. Are we studying the correct subjects and the correct list of contents?

Probably not. Im sure that i will study economics so why i have to learn syntactic analysis of lenguage?. I agree that i have to learn lenguage but is the correct list of contents? of course not, i need to learn the life of Juan Ramón Jimenez or i need to perfect my spanish?

I have to study the life of Descartes or i have to learn his lifestyle and his theories? I have to study the problems that the philosophers have with god or i have to learn new ways of thinking, values and open my mind? I think that all the answers are easy.

After 5 years in the high school, this year is the first time that i study economics. And i study economics because i have chosen the baccalaureate of letters with maths and economy. The people that have chosen de baccalaureate of sciencie dont know anything about economy, what is the consequence? The economics and the banks cheat a lot of people.

3. Are the teachers teachers?

That a huge problem here in Spain. The teachers really like teaching? I dont think so. A lot of teachers work in high schools and schools because they have a lot of free days. The consequence of this is a lot of guys that hates the education and then a lot of school failure.

Sorry for my english but the education in Spain only has 3–4 hours of english in a week.

Pablo Carcelén.