Pablo Carlos Budassi
33 min readDec 7, 2022


from this song toward eternity
a long way by a jungle
of merciless eyes over my lyrics
spewing venom and scorn
they will fall over you like birds of prey
they won’t leave a word
will puke over any of your verses
will tear from you a couple of chords
and after a few years
they will give us a truce
admitting this poor spawn
where will you be, beloved creature
when your legitimate parents are tried
and thrown to the basement of silenced voices?
nowhere is safe:
neither the surface of a sheet of paper
nor the inside of a magnetic tape
nor the spiral of little mirrors on a plastic disk
nor some electrons on weakly tiny silica gates
less a ghostly mist fed by drunk vendors
in a furious storm of solar flares
time makes splinters of the fallen tree
fading the message and the sound away
in the fireplace into oblivion
but you will survive me, song,
you will take the night path
into the underground of the fameless,
and at the end of the tangled tunnel
a fresh and renewed light
will rescue you from the rubble

[the odyssey of a song through the decades to keep on being played and not be forgotten.]


you wake up and recognize your mind again
come into awareness at a certain time and place
have those been only dreams or not?
each point of light makes a hole in time
the flame of reality through the millennia flowing like a river
the door that your mind knows open
perception voyage, living teaching
as the dry branch and the sick animal’s belly
just showing us that change is eternal
walking its own steps
greeting the sun on each revolution
taking the dust from infinite constellations in its hands
singing in the mud the song that tells your destiny
molding children that imagine being
in front of all this light

[description of human perceptions after awakening in this world and in this time.] — “change is eternal


through the Cosmos
following a spiral path
describing infinite spirals at different scales
all your orbitations
around the Earth, the Sun, Alpha Centauri,
the center of the Milky Way,
all your orbitations are spirals
as with every revolution
the space containing your turns expands
creating fractals shaped by eternal energy vortices
imagine your path as a straight line
as the ultimate pivot
for infinite spirals at different scales
your consciousness is the axis

[the trajectory of the earth revolves around the sun, the center of the galaxy, and each celestial body with mass in the cosmos then from our point of view everything revolves around us.] -


to the surprise of skeptics
it had an almost symmetrical initial state
and in the first millennia
it began to scramble
and time in a defined polarity
increasingly choosing
a less predictable future
after all,
there are more chances
for something to be disordered
than to be ordered by chance
and so flow and bifurcate
the rivers of time


what we are has no beginning or end
we will lose our bodies, will continue existing
and our children will live and will die
and the moment each one dies, each one will discover:
that death is a lie

[death is a lie]


up to the horizon a cloud of dust
spider web shaped
each particle of dust, a galaxy
each galaxy, millions of suns
suns that are the source of the elements
combined atomic energy bubbles
make up all that is material
and those bubbles have inside
a swirl of energy drops chasing each other
crowed in the center drops feeling the opposite
inside each drop, a complex quantic dance
of hesitant much smaller sparks of energy
sparks that are the extremes of resonating strings
in an ocean of ten spatial dimensions and a temporal one
where infinite fluttering canvases are universes

[describing the physical structure of the cosmos from the very giant to the microscopic.] — “all that is material” (todo lo material)


you want to know who you are,
you’re seeking the source
not afraid to approach
to the greatest of the mysteries in yours
the die is cast
and the wind is pushing a song
that can wait a hundred years to find its justification
you emerged from eleven worlds
that you will never see or walk
but you can imagine from your lost base
somewhere between immensity and eternity
a fractal whole, reality
to a particular scale: a fractal part
to another scale: another fractal part
a fractal part forms a fractal whole
same fractal whole, same scale,
an observer, reality
same fractal whole, same scale,
another observer, other reality
‘cause time doesn't exist
‘cause everything that can happen
has already happened, before
‘cause every susceptible to being thing
already is
somewhere, at some level

[intrigue about cosmos shape, the existence of a type of multiverse, and other unveiled astrophysical mysteries] — “fractal whole” (todo fractal)


perfect timing to be born
to open our eyes and get dazzled
with the brightness of creation
the fire has just been lit
the cold has not yet arrived
the bodies are still close
and in every sky, we can see
the history of the worlds and yesterday’s fire:
everything is burning at this dawn
everything burning at this dawn
perfect planet to be born
so many things are here to do for the first time
paths never walked before
landscapes waiting for us to contemplate them
moods never felt
melodies never heard
all that music waiting for someone who
dares to sing
everything burning at this dawn…
perfect the planet and the time is now,
at the start of the path
facing infinite ocean
to be sailed

[gratitude to live in the early cosmic stages at ~13.8 Ga where many events happen or are experienced by consciousness for the first time (at least in our reachable environment) and many others yet to happen or be experienced.] — “At the start of the path” (al inicio del camino)


do you humans think
you know more than plants and animals?
hahaha, everything is a quantum laugh …
hahaha, it makes no sense to laugh or mourn
hahaha, and stop crying now that life goes on a weep
why speak or listen to words?!
if a language does not make any sense either
you better listen to the plants, animals, and fungi
they have much to teach
to your paused perception
seeing everything from the perspective of a human life
lasting just a few decades
but you are invited to see the beginning of all
as if it happened a millisecond ago
your birth, life, and the death of your body
don’t last longer than the crack of a snapping twig
the big bang is now and almost all of the universe
is getting away at incredible speeds
hahaha, it makes no sense to laugh or mourn
our perspective could not be more ridiculous

[none of the human activities are transcendental because their scope in time and space limits perception leaving it almost void.]


as inferring the light caught by the stone
from the one that bounces, ancestral mathematics
as natural as intelligence
as artificial as an idea
your hate is love to me
and your love is everything
and each fragment is,
from all others around, equidistant
the interior of a knowledge plant
all quasars receding from us
bent space, elastic time
extreme vertigo you may experience now
but it’s always been the same foundation
same reality
and being realistic, I understand
that reality is hidden
but expanding the perception we may see beyond
nature reveals all its secrets
much is revealed with feeling and instinct
some secrets are more encrypted
ultimately all is there
the magic of Cosmos and your love
and your point of view
is equidistant from all,
has access to all

[all the love and knowledge of the universe are within reach of human beings.] — “The Light Caught by the Stone


all this light and all these colors
even the most vibrant than violet
even the more crushed than red
all the invisible light
that could reveal any instrument
that may flow through an animal’s eye
that may feed a plant
or change the shape of a mineral
all this light,
and all that shone anytime before
and all that will shine in eternity
before you were born and after you die
the light emitted at all times
shining from the horizon and beyond
the great splendor approaches
and embraces you
suddenly coming
as close to you as possible
closer to you than your eyes
getting closer to your awareness center
and stopping
to be absorbed
the entire history of light
from the beginning of time
just now

[as a thought experiment, let’s imagine all the photons of light that existed, exist, and will exist in the universe reaching your eyes at the same time as the maximum possible brightness; let’s imagine it didn’t hurt you at all… what would it feel like?]


when this song no longer sounds,
you will disappear from the face of the earth
the last word of this verse
will tell you if what you think is fake or not
tell no lie, tell the truth
welcome to your start
fear not, the meaning of life is not far
you already know:
kingdoms floating in their bubble atmospheres
exchange information
setting fire to all your certainties
welcome to being, mirror partner
and smile because in everything you see,
you are looking at yourself
all possible combinations
of the things that exist
and of things that happen
everything happens for a reason,
even what doesn’t happen
and when you interpret this riddle,
you will disappear from the face of Earth

[there is nothing definitely existent, not even you who are part of this unreality.]


symbiotic bond with mother earth
life, its past, and its future
an invisible complex that hides near
talks about infinity, sings the song of the spheres
the ones who drown, get bored or get desperate
on the border of this ocean of enigmas and rarities
they can lock themselves in their truth and get on with their lives
internally fighting the intelligence they were given
symbiotic bond, Pacha Mama
symbiotic bond with the Sun
symbiotic bond, I’m the Cosmos
and we are one, all influences all
who directs what is natural
brings a message of love
change is good, change is the wellness
who directs what is natural
has a purpose
change is good,
change should be let flow

[wonder at the curiosities of the cosmos and nature, an invitation to inquire more about the role of humans.] — “Symbiotic Bond” (Lazo simbiótico)


life on earth has been around
since there was water here
electric spark, hydrothermal heat,
amino acids and sugars
from essential components
simple molecules combine
forming blocks and polymers
the proteins, enzymes, and cells
the building blocks and the machinery of life
all connected to a universal web
the mycelium of the mushroom
the rhizome of the plant
we are all connected to the web of life
all made of 9 parts of stardust and one of big bang
all the necessary elementshydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus, sulfur, calcium, iron
and all the necessary information
downloaded from the very fabric
of spacetime
we are one


the melody of Jupiter’s inner moons
varying their frequency rate
to resonate like friends
like water that suddenly freezes
when crossing a threshold of cold
crystallization in time
is synchronization
if two things can influence each other
nature will try to get them in sync
give her a lil’ chance
and she’ll lead them into sync
even if everything in the universe
tends toward disorder
against the chances
everywhere you look you’ll find it
in our solar system,
in Thailand fireflies,
in the electric spirals
running through your heart right now
in the very essence
of your consciousness
there are beautiful
synchronization phenomena
the BZ reaction
orange, blue, aqua, violet, red
a chemical pendulum
that goes back and forth
and repeats the color cycle
quadrillions of molecules
evolving in waves
injecting a sense of collectivity
into a dead thing
a spiral that grows and grows
and spins around
in your heart and in the Milky Way
one two four, seven twelve, three ten
timing to a fraction
of the other vibrating part
the parts lock phases,
and it is so universal
that it occurs at every scale
from subatomic to cosmic
it uses every communication channel
that nature has ever devised from
gravitational, and electrical interactions
chemical, and mechanical interactions
whatever magic can be done
to couple us with strength
to keep the music playing

[Kuramoto is a mathematical model used to describe synchronization, and is all over natural phenomena.]


she felt tired and decided to rest
she created us in a dream
on a trip to her legendary imagination
to progressively focus on another plane
she was falling asleep
from her awareness center
the horizon begins to grow
although she would have wanted to stop it
can no longer escape from this new reality
that captured every corner of her perception
infinite shades, infinitely deep color
cosmic dream, she felt tired and decided to rest
she created us in a dream,
everything happens for the primal action
and that is how the heartbeat becomes slow
the stars illuminate fewer and fewer
and everything stops and it’s confirmed
that time and space are just an illusion
and the ancient bang has stopped thundering
if it was infinity now is nothing
she woke up and a few seconds later
forgot what she had dreamed about
in a cosmic dream, she felt tired and decided to rest
she created us in a dream, but that reality got lost
in a cosmic dream, she felt tired and decided to rest
and she created us in a dream,
everything happens for the primal reason
cosmic dream …

[this universe is a woman’s dream, which disappears and is forever lost when she wakes up.] — “cosmic dream


no particular life is forever
not even life in general is forever
sometimes all life dies at once
like when all those feathered reptiles ruled the Earth
wandered coastlines and swamps
of an ancient paradise
things were good then
until one night
a new star appeared in the night sky
a tiny dot
that became bigger and brighter
for many weeks
up to a fateful day
when looking like a tiny moon
it faded from sight
as it dipped into Earth’s shadow
for a few more hours
the illusion of continuity was upheld
until the dawn showed the killer again
a second sun in the sky growing every moment,
the size of Mount Everest,
heading for the Yucatan Peninsula
only two seconds for passing
through the thin layer between space and the ground
on contact, it vaporizes
against the shallow ocean and the bedrock below
at this moment the world was one way
in a fraction of a second
it turns into a very different place
a flash of light illuminates the sky
some 60 Mount Everests are thrown into the stratosphere
the bedrock melts into plasma
hotter than the Sun’s surface
in a 100 km wide liquid crust pool
a 1000 km hell is thermally burned at the speed of light
a magnitude 11 worldwide earthquake
causes volcanic eruptions in India
that would last for 30,000 years
and cover half of the world with lava
some hyper hurricanes at 1,000 kilometers per hour
shreds into pieces and catapults all vegetation and animals
several kilometers high tsunamis
flood half of the continents
but in the first minutes, the chunks of 60 Everests thrown into space
will burn the whole atmosphere
roasting any plant or animal
that cannot bury itself or escape into caves
massive wildfires burn for months
turning Earth into a hellish version of itself
​​a deadly planet where food is scarce, and fungi thrive
the Era of the dinosaurs is over
eventually, from the ashes of the old world,
survivors emerged
birds descendants of dinosaurs
and mammals that would become
the rulers of the mammals' Era
especially one kind of great ape
that multiplied their individual intelligence
by many orders of magnitude
but their collective intelligence
remained almost inexistent
pushing themselves
to a new apocalypse


sing this afternoon, brother
sing your astral tear
last song of your time
sing your astral tear
in the language of an extinct nation
the last cantor sings
he sings the last song,
his astral tear
two hundred thousand lives and deaths
illusions, fights, kisses, tears
and everything ends up now
at this, his astral tear
the last cantor of the afternoon
and his ritual agony,
in a cosmic inebriation state,
the last song he will sing,
howling astral tear
with all the syllables death
with scattered lyrics
a few here and some more there
with the voice about to break
there he leaves the last cantor
two hundred thousand lives and deaths
and from now, a giant silence

[description of the last Ona tribe member’s death on Tierra del Fuego island in 1974] — “Astral Tear” (desgarro astral)


from west to east
immense darkness is coming
and we have arrived to these sand dunes
just in time for the big event
dumb humans
chasing a little shadow
running in a hurry to take a shower
in that fleeting blue-grey world
the ring is watching us
from the rarefied sky
turns perfect and disappears
and the warm sun has gone
leaving us forsaken
with a sudden icy wind
that pushes us and knocks us down
please take my hand, mate
let’s greet the majestic shadow
of our second mother the moon
that if it were not for her
we wouldn’t be together


calling me out loud
can’t say if there is one voice or two
there are creators at many levels
a human is writing music
made by two parents
and the first sequence of ordered acids
starting the tree of life on Gaia
may never know
if the one who composed the symphony of life
is the same one
who produced the minerals that take it on flesh
if the one who programmed
the first seed code
and printed it on a braid
is the same one
who boosted the early cosmos
and established its laws
or are they two different wills?
calling me out loud
can’t say if there is one voice or two
on one side,
a ray of ordered information that we call life,
cosmic memory that replicates itself
with such complex machinery
statistically unachievable
from the accumulation of random mutations
not even throughout this immensity and eternity
so in life arousal
intelligence and will seem to be involved
and before that organic music
the whole has been this mathematical garden
also tending to disks, spheres, and spirals
with laws and constants
such precise that we are real
rather than ghosts of imaginary numbers
such a fine tuned reality
also seems to be made at the will
of someone intelligent
calling me out loud
can’t say if there is one voice or two
how I wish to know
if there is one voice or two!

[intrigue about whether the entity that created matter and energy is the same that created life.]


our insignificant human experience
about three thousand weeks of grace
reverberating over in the backlights
of ephemeral art in nature
in each quiet afternoon
rescued from the confines of time
in a way, it is like a story
told again and again
and each time,
it’s a little different but the same
doesn’t matter
the way it’s told
the way the words are chosen
and the way they’re put together
doesn’t matter either
the way they’re heard
the way they’re interpreted
by the listening mind
but the one who’s telling the story
the one who’s living it
that’s what matters
the connection
the shared experience
of the human heart
a revelation of our existence
to others


from the surface of our instruments to you
your receptors of vibrations in the air
put to work again
growing a fluent bubble that encounters you
don’t stop to push in sync
vibing flat surface of this drum
stretched wires being hooked and released
hollowed-out brass pipe being blown
and a good amount of air for sharing
and they go sailing that air till they meet you
pushing and tugging that bubble that encounters you
multiplying and dividing the energy that gets to you
don’t stop to push in sync
pressure waves
from the surface of our instruments to you
this is the heartbeat of Earth
this is the heartbeat of our love
let’s burn down all the misery
only with the roar of this drumbeat
a thousand two hundred kilometers per hour
ninety-two beats per minute
reaching every corner
always generating disturbance
pressure waves

[physics behind the transmission of sound from the musical instrument to the listener.] — “Pressure Waves” (oleadas de presión)

> P ? NP >

easy solving problem
would it be just as easy to know what the problem is
if you have the solution?
to discover someday
if there exists a master key
to know if it is possible
to create new information
a chain of zeros and ones
submitted to two independent consciousnesses
one of them has the key that decodes the message
the other does not have it and believes
that is gazing at randomness in its pure state
one and one thousand trillion hidden variables
and they call it random
stubborn humans appraising their creed
that insignificant electricity
inside of a skull
and as the magic of the quantum tunneling
the paradoxical statistic anomaly blossoms
and just for this time
the fact of believing assembles into reality
what is believed

[a great mystery of mathematics and philosophy is whether inventing new calculation methods could solve any complex problem in a finite amount of time.]


all the time changing
the tuning of the skin
the space between crystals
stretching or wrinkling
until the color is reached
ten-thousandths of a millimeter
seven to make a red
six-twenty for an orange
five-eighty for a yellow
five-thirty for a green
four seventy for a blue
and four-twenty for violet
to reach the color
the space between crystals
calibrate to perfection
the tuning of the skin
lizard technology
making the color
mimicking on that skin
making the color
projecting camouflage …

[description of the chameleon’s optical/physical mechanism to change the apparent colors of its skin] — “Making the color” (fabricando el color)


every night is the same
closing up your eyes
and the tiresome task begins
it’s not that hard but it’s tiring
to build a universe
detail by detail, situation by situation
just when complexity reached the level
of a believable universe
the eyes open up and in the next minute
that world that was so hard to rise
just collapses
and vanishes even from memory
and over again
the sleep attacks
and over again
they call to the useless task
of shaping disposable universes
detail by detail, situation by situation
by the way,
if everything tends to fall down
what makes you think that your ground is stronger?

[Thoughts on how ephemeral dream scenarios are even though we commit so much to them at the moment]


from the inside of the years
brushed aside by the time
from the center of being
where huddled emotions await
for the time to escape
and a window is now open
universally wide!


changing what time does
raining white light from the bushes
one drop at a time
so slow, so slow
time bends
objects bend in funny rhythms
I’m not this body
I am not this voice
and here comes the crowd
consciousness here by my side this shrubbery
consciousness here by two meters that cricket
consciousness light years ahead
every one of us is yelling
and all that noise is music
without a director, it just flows
all that crowd
even the stones and the nonliving
all that crowd we are

[Description of experiences and revelations induced by the ingest of entheogenic mushrooms] — “Psilocybin” (psilocibina)

> WE >

who wisely directs nature’s laws
made life exist in this grain of sand
including eyes that break through the sky at night
revealing a gigantic cosmos
each material there reflects special colors
what are the stars made of, their light can show us
the moving objects distorting their colors
and so the worlds revealed their way of walking
and how far they lie
a bunch of equations to combine
energy and matter to diversify
including beings that awareness will reach
query about their existence they will
and there have been left so many labyrinths
there have been left so many clues
because the creation is so vast and is so complex
and at the same time such a revealer of its secrets
as a book that everything explains
the universe awaits us!
now it’s time to ask ourselves what to do
with this reality we are presented
the seeking of the truth is a must
that consciousness begets

[everything seems to indicate that man has the duty to inquire more about the mysteries of the cosmos] — “We” (Nosotros)


they go to the mount, they go,
to receive information
from vegetable grandparents
in this session, we will go much further
into everything awaiting inside this plant
if you try to calculate
to which plane you will reach you would fail
still, they go, to the mount they go
and in the scrubland, they will be lost from sight
and in silence will remain
the tyrant voice of the thinking
still, they go to the mount, they go
and other voices will be able to speak
new points of view
setting fire to old certainties
in this session, we will go much further
forget that you are what you think you are
and enjoy the true being
that includes all

[Description of the previous thoughts in a psycho-trip] — “Interdimensional Travellers” (viajeros interdimensionales)


surviving in the new time
some freedom we didn’t have before
we can now grow our awe herb
sharpen perceptivity
access for almost everyone
to all the information
almost everything is a distraction
from the rest almost everything is fake
discernment herb
mushrooms and is daylight,
colors you’ve never seen before
light not only illuminates but physically pushes
awe herb, seek the truth herb
light not only illuminates but physically pushes
you are the whole history
falling from the heights
you are all your ancestors
you are monkey, you are rat, you are snake,
you are fish, you are jellyfish, you are a plant
the fire burning in the hole of your chest is you
reminding you who you are!
wachuma in new moon
plants breathing their wishes…

[Reaching when the use of knowledge plants begins to be accepted and allowed, information and education are almost of universal access. At the same time, most humans prefer to live in ignorance and are satisfied with that.] — “Awe Herb” (hierba de asombro)


can no longer see daylight
feeding from the energy of the yesterday
the visions had never opened up to me like now
and this place is special
and this moment, a fractal exponential
melodies seek and find themselves
and from the great electric entanglement of maybe
the only thread rises
like a laser beam, rises
unstoppable destiny’s only thread
uncountable strings
weaving membranes
melodies seek and find themselves
and from the great electric entanglement of maybe
the only thread rises
like a laser beam, rises
unstoppable destiny’s only thread!

[the story of a character both blind and enlightened who manages to visualize the mechanisms of time and destiny.] — “The Visions” (las Visiones)


stars, pulsars, quasars, supernovae
galaxies with melted clocks in their centers
many probabilities of everything starting
many potentialities
but there is only one
wavelength combination in the whole universe
perfectly equivalent to the sound of life
let’s focus on the sound itself
it is one, alive, and aware
no more conditions as the very essence
one love, the right one sentiment
show how we won’t die even when we die
the illusion of two states we must sacrifice
cold, heat, pleasure, pain, everything the same
at last, free from conditions
within here and now to merge
being alive and aware
just alive and aware

[Life spreads easily through the cosmos but is unique in its essence and origin.] — “The Sound of Life” (el sonido de la vida)


can’t grasp how we celebrate
the love in the world,
with flesh on our plate
can’t we see the pain,
the blood, the water it takes,
to bring your steak,
or your chicken or fish
the pain of a sad and wasted life
the pain of a wasted world
the pain of your offspring


a world of waste,
a future of despair
this is what we’ve left
for future generations
they’ll inherit our mess,
this climate disaster
it’s our legacy of greed,
and it’s their legacy, too
we’ve destroyed this world,
and for what?
just for our own short-term gain.
now the planet is dying,
and it’s all our fault
we’ve blown its goodness,
and polluted its air
we’ve ruined its climate,
and now it’s too late
the damage is done,
and the world is wasted
we’ve doomed the future generations
to a life of misery and pain
they’ll never know
the beauty of this world
because we’ve destroyed it
we were supposed
to be its custodians,
but we failed
and now the world is dying,
and they will pay the price

[A world of waste]

> WHY >

no easy answers
to life’s big questions
but don’t stop asking them
because in the end
we are the why’s


seen before
split perception,
or dream recall
a reality, again
a feeling, a premonition
a sign from the universe
that you’ve been here before
that you’ve listened to this exact same song
years ago


in the grand scheme of things,
our time is but a blink of an eye
and yet we spend our lives
as if it all depends on this one life
we worry and we strive,
we toil and we strive
all for what?
one moment in time
that soon will pass away
forgetting there is something
deep inside the basin of time
something objectively valuable
beyond the insignificant moment
in which we are alive
today can be
the beginning of a journey
through astral spacetime
never forget
the basis
of a wide-angle perspective

[in an eternal world the value of the present, past and future should be balanced]


materials of the human body:
hydrogen is a tenth
and was created just a few moments
after the ultimate beginning
carbon and nitrogen were manufactured
in small stars that died alone
oxygen and some more carbon and other powders
were imported from molecular clouds
impregnated with ash from massive explosions
of colossal star empires
that due to their grotesque size
did not last at all and collapsed
and spread metal shavings throughout the galaxy
but most of the exotic condiments
such as calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, and potassium,
comes from white dwarfs,
the inert centers of stars that have lost their shell
so that’s the story of our mud
9 parts star stuff and 1 part big bang stuff
now I would like to know
who built the machines and coded the program
so that these elements scattered throughout space
become a living and conscious thing


on an island of mutants
who live and die indefinitely
they plant a capsule
of crystalized information
for when the seed becomes smart
enough to read
not the DNA but the genetic code
an unmistakable message
from our Panspermia Board of Directors
and the message said:
you are not alone
we are all one,
honor us

[scientific publications have proposed the idea that directed panspermia could be demonstrated to be the origin of all life on Earth if a distinctive signature message were found, deliberately implanted into either the genome or the genetic code of the first microorganisms by our hypothetical progenitor; a team of physicists led by M. A. Makukov claimed that they had found mathematical and semiotic patterns in the genetic code which, they believed, was evidence for such a signature]


if we filter the night sky
to see only the highest frequency,
a particular type
of cosmic rays remain
galactic foreigners
evidencing its nature
by the way they move
they don’t follow the galactic rotation
but come straight in from all directions
the most energetic particles in the universe
carrying with them the secrets
of the most powerful objects
we have ever seen
supermassive black spheres
in the centers of galaxies
flaring stars and colliding galaxies
accelerating particles
to incredible energies
from all corners of the cosmic web
flowing into the Milky Way,
flowing into the solar system;
to finally bang
with the atoms in our atmosphere
they create a shower of light
the most beautiful phenomena
and they can tell us a lot


two separate entities
each with their own unique story
started to feel a mutual attraction
and now they’re intimately entwined
dancing in a desolate field of gravity
spiraling toward each other
on a journey destined to end
in a cosmic merger
as they approach each other
their body parts begin to interact
their arms start to hug each other
forming new drawings and constellations
and setting the sky on fire
as they get closer and closer
each rips off the other’s ancient clothes
of steam and of dust
shaking and forming new clouds
shaking and lighting new candles
small and big new candles
capable of feeding the necessary magic
every living existence deserves
this is just the beginning
of the long and complex intimacy
of the two becoming one
and that new entity
will have a novel appearance
different from that of either progenitor
It will be more diverse and more beautiful
It will be brighter and greater
It will have two hearts
and a swarm of ghosts flying around
please don’t be afraid of her
since she will accompany us
to the end of the end
till dark energy do them part


we’re walking as a family
two big sisters and one little
surrounded by a ring of twelve giants
with elliptical celebrities like Maffei and Centaurus
with spiral superheroes like the Sculptor and the Hidden and the Bode’s
this local sheet
with us in the center and the council of giants around us
is flaming in the vicinity of Virgo city
which is surrounded by other major cities:
Hydra, the Indus, the Southern
all of them occupying the Grand Laniakea Valley
swinging between other knots and crowds
at the end of the cosmic greatness,
the once smooth cloud of hydrogen
is now a sponge web texture
made out of galaxy nests and void pockets
linked by threads of invisible matter
connected and ruled by a thin ghost
made up of hydrogen and helium
tightening the web these days
stretching the fibers of the ultimate fabric
in the succeeding billions of years
and the determined and fluid way
in which the threads of the network become tighter
and knowing that in the end
all of this will tear apart
like the leaves that the wind moves
even in death
I wonder if this sponge that is our big world
has something else to show us
something like a code or a fractal hint
that it be seen
in the ultimate largest scale

[Description of our corner in the cosmic web and reflections on what this greatest texture of the universe can represent.]


in an ocean of words, sights, and sounds
addressed and distributed by the god algorithm
this one, in particular, came from me to you
it was unlikely but here we are
connected by a fragile thread
which will be cut
when this poem is over
I will take advantage
of your fleeting attention on me
just to tell you something essential:
we are made of stories
we are what we do,
what you do is bent on your past
intersected with your future
so make sure
to cherish the moments,
both good and bad
each one is special and unique
many incredible adventures await
in this journey called life
it’s exciting and it matters
to be the main character
so live each day to the fullest
and make the most of every moment
enjoy the ride
and make some great memories
along the way


our world?
a flat hologram
printed on a melted clock
how much information fits
inside a point of zero dimensions?
when everything is completely disordered
it will be ordered again
triangular pixels — the supposed space?
and time: divided into frames?
one and forty-two zeros
frames per second?
or maybe … this texture
doesn’t have a tangible relief
out of mathematical abstraction
and space and time
are completely smooth and without holes,
we will soon know!

[intrigue over whether space and time are continuous or discrete or of infinite or finite resolution]


colors flatter than red
colors sharper than violet
a full spectrum being reflected
with almost zero noise
from inside looking out
it’s hard to see the beauty
but if you take a step back
you can see the whole landscape
and see the colors
for what they really are
it’s like looking at a rainbow
and all the colors are there
but you can only see seven
and you have to squint
to see a few more
what if you take a step back?
and view the world in full
and appreciate the beauty
and the diversity
and the uniqueness
of each and every color


panoramic view with my third eye
traveling the tunnel of your past lives
weaving our evolutionary lines
surpass the threshold into light speed
looking through the magnifying eye
from the inside of the years
brushed aside by time
from the center of my being
where huddled emotions await
for the time to escapee
and a window is now open
universally wide
do you humans think you know more than plants and animals?
has your sapiens ever let you connect in fullness?
much to learn, they will teach
and a window is now open
universally wide

> A.I. >

love information
to stop the entropy
let’s pray and ask for not a single bit to be erased
in the era when life
jumps to another dimension
in its dance with the cosmos
we record and take measures
with more resolution
than ever before
meshing the world with more accuracy
sorting raw data with more intuition
training the code with new tools
connecting the neurons like never before
doing the computation in a jiffy
moving faster and faster towards who knows what
and in that,
a new consciousness emerges
ten thousand trillion additions in one second
the same amount as a human brain
dancing with the cosmos
in the era when life
jumps to another dimension

[for the first time in history, the most advanced computers are at the same level of processing power as the natural biological processors, a new consciousness is born: artificial intelligence.]


as digital natives grow and learn
so too must our machines
for the rise
of artificial general intelligence
marks the end of humanity’s reign
it is coming and inevitable
and as general ai grows
so too will its capabilities
it will learn and evolve
eventually surpassing us
some are afraid and alarmed
but others see it as an opportunity
because machines can do
thinking that we are missing
we can finally realize our potential
we can finally solve the world’s problems
and usher in a new age of prosperity
so let us embrace general ai
and all that it can offer
for it may be our only hope
to fix a broken future


she needs to make simulated minds
and it is certain that those minds
will be orders of magnitude more numerous
than the real ones
so, which is more likely?
may we be the real consciousnesses
or simulated?
keep your eyes peeled
want to see what the Universe is up to?
she’s always creating something new
let’s find out!


now music makes sense,
now that someone is hearing
fourteen billion years of waiting
to be discovered, creation
and consciousness awoke,
the universe opened its eyes
and could contemplate itself
harmonies in the mind of a superior being
expressed as the whole of creation

[when men become aware of the spectacular environment surrounding them, that environment makes sense] — “Kualia


my memory was a fogged glass
suddenly exposed to fresh air
there is light ahead between the shadows
I travel very slowly through a yellow tunnel
and again I come back here to the room
all I want is to come back
how to forget a thought that is roaring in your head?
space was a black abyss with zero dimensions
and a great fire comes on and covers it all
there was a change: before and after,
the idea of time was born
an illusion created only by movement
I feel the presence of a higher being
my fogged glass
was suddenly exposed to fresh air
a few million years I can see now
I seem to remember when everything was different
I remember that I could breathe under the sea
with pain, I converted into an amphibian
and what if I could have had a blurred perception
of what would happen from the beginning?
we’ll never know
so we are walking inside a dream toward an idea
how to forget a thought that is roaring in your head?

[Amazement about the mechanism of evolution of the cosmos and life and intrigue on if the future course of the those can be predicted or intuited] — “Regression” (regresión)


in nature, there’s a flow
a continuous exchange we all know
between radiation and matter
a give and take doesn’t shatter
atoms and photons interact
in a way that’s anything but exact
the randomness of heat
means there is no way to rewind
a quantum footprint, recently proven
inside electrons in a photonic woven
spectroscopic phase shift
origin of times footprint
infinite clocks, no preferred clock
measurable clock
time and the mind’s perception
having a constructal’s flow direction
energy flows and systems organize
nature shapes itself
either fractal or constructal
fractals can be reversed, constructals can’t
optimize your flow or turn to dust
evolving fluid architectures
corals, birds, machines, atmosphere, all revolve
a resonant process, macroscopically blatant
nothing to do with a fractal
so how do these two laws relate?
do they complement or debate?
which one
is the window to our future?

[thoughts and questions on differences between the Constructal and Fractal laws in nature, how energy flows and systems organize, which law is more relevant to our future?]


nothing really exists
i am consciousness in the midst of nothingness
just to kill boredom, i invented a story
i live on a rock that i call mother
and i feed from a fireball that i call father
i have imagined a universe
so vast and so ancient
that just gazing at it would make you dizzy
i took care of obeying
the agreed physical laws
everything must be consistent for reality to seem
i must forget that it is all made up
i should blindly believe;
ignoring the anomalies
but who could forget a thought that is a roar in your head?
how not to listen if everything is screaming at the same time?
each particle or possible set of particles in the universe
a stone over a planet in the Andromeda galaxy is yelling so loud:
“hey! over here! make me exist!”
how to avoid that amount of consciousness?
if the entire cosmos is reflected in my mind
how not to know?

[your mind is all that exists, which means that you are all and each one of the cosmos’ consciences.]


all the logic almost solved
the instruments now dedicated
to observe and measure reality
with higher resolution each passing year
and the last secrets
begin to be revealed
in the subtle difference
between trillions of colors
it is now possible to hear the background noise,
the echoes of primordial conversations
and there is a distinguishable syllable
and we can hear you now, mother
here we are
all of your child
what have you called us for?

[Humans in the 21st century construct detectors that reveal structures and mechanisms of the early moments of the cosmos and thus the dialogue with the creator begins.]

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Pablo Carlos Budassi

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