Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think

“Abundance is not about providing everyone on this planet with a life of luxury — rather it’s about providing all with a life of possibility.” - Peter Diamandis

Like rappers Drake & Future would say “What a time to be alive.” The future is going to be a lot better than we think. Abundance focuses on why advances in technology are going to make it a lot better, the initiatives that are happening around the world and how we can use these to go improve thousands of lives.

The book is written by Peter Diamandis (co-founder of Singularity Universityand Space Adventures) and Steven Kotler (Writer for the New York Times, LA Times, Wired and GQ)

The Rising Billion

The rising billion is a term used by the authors to describe the world’s poorest. They rise with efficiency increase, cheaper technology, and a world of interconnectivity that allows people from all walks of life to come up with solutions for world´s problematic. Today most people own smartphones or can get some sort of internet connection, which really helps more people access new information that will facilitate them in their work and future endeavors that they would go on to create and build. In the words of Peter Diamandis: «Right now a Masai warrior with a cell phone has better mobile phone capabilities than the president of the United States did twenty-five years ago.»

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

From “Star Wars” to “2001: Space Odyssey” we have seen how robotics and technology work as our allies or as our foes. These achievements are not as far away as you think. In Robotics and Artificial Intelligence we already have functioning units working in roles to manufacture parts, office surveillance and even small types of assistance. One example of this is IBM’s Watson which made a life saving diagnosis of a woman in Japan after doctors were baffled by her symptoms. They just entered the symptomatology in Watson and after him searching its database for 10 minutes, through over 20 million medical files, it arrived at the right medical procedures that should be taken that ended up saving her life. Machines: 1. Humans: 0.

3D Printing

Lets go through this scenario. Imagine if you’re at work and accidentally you bump your favorite coffee mug which comes crashing to the ground. Next thing you know you are on your computer downloading a new coffee mug design and having it manufactured on your personal 3d printer with it being ready for use in 10 minutes. This actually possible right now.

3D Printing is a new way of manufacturing where anything imaginable can be created from tiny pieces of material layering up and creating any shape or texture you need. Now that they have become more affordable for home use the choices of what we can create are endless. You can either print out that bike part the broke off last week or the set of Christmas ornaments to go with the new tree. 3D printing is a new way where we will be able to create anything when we want and from wherever we are.

Abundance is a book that points out all the positive impact that technology is making and bright future that we have ahead of ourselves contrary to what the media is saying. It is a book that will give you high hopes with a lot of scientific data and real life examples to back it up. I would definitely recommend this book given that it is not only an ode to technology, but it also points out the negative effects that media has on humans as part of a global community. Also anyone interested in technology will find the various breakthroughs mentioned in the book interesting and worth while. Please let me know what you think. Hope this is of value to you.

Actionable Steps

  1. Stop watching the news or reading the newspaper. As we saw in abundance one the reasons why it says we have such a pessimistic mind set as society is because these communications companies know what “If it bleeds, it leads”. This means that they actually profit from showing you all the negative that is going on in the world, so it is in their best interest. Some advice from NYT bestselling author Tim Ferris is “If it is important you’ll hear about it.
  2. Explore some of the exponential technologies mentioned in the book Robotics, 3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning. This will really help you see what is out there and how you can combine these advances with your area of expertise.

Edited: Stephie&Auggie

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