the marvellous feeling of soup…

Mafalda, an argentine cartoon from Quino hated soup… she couldn't have been more wrong in life.

All hands down I am a extended coffee drinker. I could have coffee in the morning, at noon, during the afternoon and even late and night and be able to comfortably go to bed. I could have coffee during fall, summer, spring and winter… wait a minute. Winter, that bloody cold humid season of the year. I will elaborate more later on Winter.

What is better can a great cup of coffee during Winter? A great bowl of soup.

It fills us, it warms us, it lets us pretend everything will be alright for a moment, it calms us, it nurture us. It feeds us. Just simple, its there for us.

You can add anything you want on your soup. I will not name all the things you can add, but name maybe things you might not want to add to your soup: chocolate, coffee, fruit and Jesus I am having a hard time continuing the list.

So, now that we are in full swing of Fall. Tell me your stories about soup. Where is the time of the day you like to have soup, what do you like about soup? How do you like your soup? What crazy ingredient do you add to your bowl of soup?

OK, maybe no avocado in your soup, but then again, avocados are fruits, right?