Women in Society, Women at Work, Women at Home, Its all about Women and the place they belong

This week while commuting to work, I came to the thought that in order for women to have equal opportunities in society the discussion was precisely not addressing something very important. In order for this to happen, society must allow men access roles and opportunities not traditionally available for them.

How many times do we expect men to NOT stay at home, to NOT be the main caregiving parent, to NOT put aside their career?

Just as an example. How are schools prepare to deal with this?

Those men that actually are the caregiving, what types of hurdles do they go through? Do they feel excluded from school activities? Why are they not speaking up?

I wish to read your opinions on this topic, I wanted to get it out there… gender equality has more than one dimension, and precisely because it demands to be comprehensive, the whole concept I believe will continue to evolve until we stop talking about it and it becomes a normal setup in our daily life.
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