San Francisco the third world city in a first world country

I write this story out of love for a city which has such an amazing mentality and talent, but seems to have disregarded what makes a place good to live. So hopefully this can be a call to action to make SF great again.

I decided to write this when in the same day I saw a car broken into, a laptop stolen, a friend mugged and was one block away from a shooting. And this wasn’t the first time I heard of people having problems in the city.

So, what makes San Francisco part of the third world?

1. Crime rates are through the roof (Thefts are worse than in Guatemala)

Don’t leave your bike on the street overnight. Even if it’s locked, it will be stolen and I can tell you by experience. The two nights I have left my bike locked at night it has been stolen.

I may have had bad luck, but with over 37,000 thefts in San Francisco the crime rates are rocketing and it is safer to keep your stuff in Guatemala than San Francisco.

2. Income inequality is on par with Rwanda

With Teslas passing by streets full with homeless people you can feel the inequality. The situation is so bad that if San Francisco were a nation it would rank the 20th worst in income inequality putting it on par with Rwanda. (Source: SF HSA and UNDP) For those who say wealth inequality is not a problem I posted some videos at the end.

3. Police brutality and broken judicial system

Cops admit the system to be broken, and don’t even bother filing reports now the problem is so bad. I could experience this first hand when last week a friend got mugged. The police cop told us it wasn’t worth filing a report as nothing would happen, but not to worry because they would “Teach him a lesson”. WTF?! What country is this? Then he left saying he was just sorry he didn’t get to shoot anybody that night, we hope he was kidding on that one.

4. People find it normal to live in containers and Bunk beds

Here is a typical hacker home in San Francisco, where one of these bunk beds is $1620 per month:

San Francisco hacker home

Living like this is not hipster, it is third world.

There is even an AirBNB ad to sleep in the trunk of a Tesla!

5. It is easier to get drugs than a glass of water

In 2007 a study found San Francisco to be the city with more drug use in the US. And just walking though Market street things don’t seem to have changed. With 7940 people in the Bay Area admitted for treatment last year for drug abuse I’ve never seen a problem like this.

6. They are homeless people everywhere

According to the SFGate they are 6,686 homeless people and growing every year that makes almost 1% of the population of the city homeless. To illustrate how bad the problem, they are so many people living and peeing on the streets that last month a light pole corroded by urine collapsed and crashed onto a car.

7. Lines for food

Okay, so people aren’t starving. But why people queue at 8:00 in the morning for 45min for brunch I just don’t get. And here is a picture I took at Trader Joe’s this Monday.

This can all be solved

So why start a billion dollar startup, if later you can’t even park your new car on the street or feel safe with your loved ones walking around the city. This is obviously not a problem of resources in one of the richest cities in world, so why be part of the third world? San Francisco you have some amazing people if you put your mind to it. Forget about the next `Yo` app and make San Francisco great and part of the first world again!

Videos on wealth inequality