Crossfit has given me a life changing experience unlike anything else. I thought I would share some thoughts on why I keep coming back everyday and why not a day goes by that I am not ready and happy to call Crossfit more than my career but my passion.

I stumbled upon Crossfit while developing my non-profit organization in high school. I was already into fitness and had played sports all of my life but never tried this new program, Crossfit. At this point, I was “training” at YMCA located right in front of a Crossfit box (the term assigned to Crossfit gyms). I decided that a well written article attesting to the experience of joining a box would be an interesting read, so I embarked on my journey. Those first 30 days came and went and I don’t remember for a second questioning my membership of the gym. That day, I joined a community of varried people all looking to improve their lives and encouraging other people to do the same. I felt welcome and part of a family. That constant feeling kept me coming back for more.

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