Why you never heard of Pablodiablo, pt1

Pablodiablo is now doing its 4th year as a company who officially (according to the register)

“will be selling products online with influences from the skate, surf and street culture”

At least the online part feels about right, influences yeah how about from a company active in the early 1900's? Going into all this we had no clue what so ever how it was to have your own company, we knew how to use a camera and we like to wear clothes that feel good, thats it. 
Did we have:

Good networking and social skills? no.
Any knowledge of Business Economy? no.
Some kind of Marketing plan? no.
Knew how to design logos and prints? no.
Really rich parents that could do everything for us? No.

Despite that fact that we had no clue what the hell we were doing we kept going, something to do while doin “nothing”. We just released a new “collection” (ugh don’t like that word) along with two videos that creates a story for the prints we did.

Anyway this is why you never heard about us.

So we started out as a metal band called pablodiablo.

Pablo is a spanish guy we met in Switzerland he didn’t really like us, we dind´t really like him…he didn’t really like the people that were walking by outside either. He really didn’t like anyone in the world at all. All he cared about was watching his weed grow and to expand his collection of tasty espresso capsules. We called him pablo diablo. So he is the devil and thus pablodiablo was born.

So this is, Lord Pablo

So we had a name and we had a two man band. We were on to something.

We went to College trying to study sociology but it didn’t really give us anything and we didn’t really fit in, we always had excuses to skip class, The band, skateboarding, partying and sleeping was probably among the top four excuses we had.

This was college for us, Adrian on the left and Johan on the right. This picture was also going to be our album cover by the way.

After playing for a while we started talking about making some t-shirt designs, cause every band needs them right. I think our conversation about it went something like this.

- Should we do some t-shirts?
- Yeah why not?

So it turned out that Adrians greatgreatgreatgreat grandfather owned a factory where he manufactured and shipped products that people ordered through a catalog. This was way back so he couldn’t just slap his catalog through the computer and send it with the next postman he sees. For every new product he had to create an “iron stamp” to be able to print the product to give the reader some understanding of what it was and how it looked.
 This factory just so happened to be in the same house were Adrian’s parents live. 
 We used one of the small sheds in their garden for band practice and thats were we found all the stamps.

Along with a broken drumkit this is what we had

So we needed to get these stamps digital so we could edit them in any way we wanted to. Together we went to an old printing factory that is now a museum to understand the process some more. 
Well into the tour we told the lady working there that we brought one friend along for a photoshoot (he pretty much stood outside throwing rocks while we were inside the museum) right there, gladly she said it was ok.

So with our new knowledge we put some ink on the stamps like the good old days and pressed them on paper, then proceeded to scan them into the computer.

A photo (with the guy throwing rocks) we did for people who still couldn't understand the process of printing in the old days.

After some mediocre photoshopping we contacted Johan’s uncle since he owned a printing company. It is run by him and his oldest son, warm family feeling buzzing out of that place. Most of his jobs are like ”hey print these pens with our logo or make this really basic t-shirts with this print on it” that should give you a pretty good understanding of his experience of creating “cool” shirts for our band. He was although our way into this mess and we owe him big time for it.

This was our first time getting designs in for print so we didn’t know what he expected from us.
It turned out he wanted vectorized designs we had no clue what a vector was so we just said: Yeah sure here is the originals is it good enough? 
It turned out it wasn’t enough so he said he would do a quick vector for free.
And so he did…
Our beautiful design full of detail turned into a less detailed black blob. He said thats the best he could do without charging extra for it, so we said it was good, smiled and said thank you.

We had the band, our new shirts and we were still skipping classes.