Hello out there!

There was a lot of time since the last time that I write something interesting on the net. The reasons? Maybe, that I been father for two times and now I have to incredible sons, or it could be the fact that I get stacked on my comfortable position without having to much time for research on new things… but the truth is that at some moment on the last two years, I was not enjoy what I was doing (you know…, that moments).

After a few months of think about it and a few changes, its time to get back on what I enjoy, and what also was my degree specialization, AI, Software Architecture, and craftsmanship culture, as it should, with Ruby.

On my last blog I’d around a hundred of post that I lost with my service provedire, lets say, because a “confusion”. So, I’m starting here from scratch, and English (you really enjoy the kind of grammar mistakes that I could made). I’ll try to keep out interest in my articles… Hello to everyone!!

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