Robert Cruces NYC — A Business Professional Based in France

Robert Cruces NYC is an Italy based business professional who has worked with various businesses, which has established great reputation in their respective industries. He has comprehensive understanding of designing and implementing effective strategies for driving sales, revenue expansion, and brand dominance. He has expertise in diverse areas such as marketing strategy, competitive analysis, public relations, contract management, marketing communications, mergers, executive management, product management, and strategic partnerships.

Robert Cruces NYC attended a leading Washington university where he studied finance, marketing, and engineering. He also did and MBA and International studies. He started his professional career with an aerospace corporation in 1995. He worked there as a Field Support Representative for two years, and then joined a management consulting company in Florida. At the new company, he served various positions including Executive Vice President (Strategic and Corporate Development), Executive Vice President (Business Development), etc., and contributed in the company’s growth and development.

From 2005 to 2009, he worked with a telecommunication company where he conducted design reviews, and overseen software designs, testing, and system evaluations. He successfully handled over 15 projects, and managed a team comprising 60 professionals. He fulfilled all his duties to the best of his abilities, and earned the “Best Employee of the Year” for three years in a row.

In addition to a working professional, Robert Cruces NYC is also a fitness enthusiast. He loves participating in a variety of sports activities — scuba diving, soccer, ice hockey, etc. Whenever he gets free time out of his busy work schedule, he goes out with friends or family, and enjoys these activities. He also donates money to various charitable causes in Italy. He is planning to start a non-profit organization with his college friends. This organization will support the poor students by providing them with books and financial help.