Over the weekend I found out that on the new Macbooks (USB-C only) the ports where you connect your cable monitors, make a huge difference on the temperature and fan speeds.

I have a 4k monitor and a 1080p monitor, plus a hyperdrive usb hub adapter with 1 usb-A connected at all times plus a USB-C -> USB-B (big printer USB cables) connected to one of my monitors that have USB ports.

I used to be around 3500/4000 RPM at all times while doing normal work, and it will easily go to full speed with a little load, during summer, I had to literally turn on my AC on my office to not to have the fans at full speed at all times. …

At Invision, we have a method to keep SREs in focus while we move into a helpdeskless company. We call it HERO. Basically one SRE receives all the helpdeskish requests for a week; leaving all the other SREs free to do doing project work and not get interruptions. This has been working great for the past year.

But sometimes it is hard to make decisions while being the hero. Maybe a team asks for a new bucket for their new service. Being a good hero, we just probably create it for them without asking too many questions. This is risky.

Being an engineer for a remote company entails an extra challenge: communication. …

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I often get questions about what I do every day. Some people think that once the server is up and configured, and the site works when you browse it, we just drink coffee while we wait to restart that apache service if it ever goes down.

And when I get that question, most times I respond without thinking much about it: we are in a migration process to a new technology.

After getting the same question for years and answering almost the same, I realized that I’m almost always on a migration process. There is always new and better technologies to test and apply on our servers. When I started at my current company, we were in the process of migrating everything to AWS. After that, we were in the process of finishing the chef cookbooks for all the services and make them beautiful. Currently, we are in the process of migrating everything to docker / kubernetes. …


Pablo Fredrikson

Professional Nerd. SRE at Invision

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