IPad Pro as my main computer

This year, I replaced my Desktop PC and laptop with an iPad Pro to take on the role as main workstation. After my first 3 full months of working all-day on the iPad, it became clear that there’s something far more interesting going on than the replacement viability debate

The harddisk is no longer my home

I’ve switched completely from a Laptop to an iPad Pro. You might think this is just yet another test if it really can — or cannot — replace the “real computer”. But the more I observe my own usage pattern after moving to the iPad, this becomes clearer:

The entire discussion about whether or not the iPad Pro can replace the laptop is not the real question to explore. I’m not switching from one thing to another one thing — but from relying largely on one main computer accessing many things — to a much more modular computing setup. The harddisk is no longer what I keep organized and controlled. The main computer is gone. I’m no longer trying to set up that one computer to make it match everything that I do and aspire to.

Letting go of access to the file system effectively pushes you — big time — towards accessing and creating your assets via multiple devices in multiple ways. We’ve talked about this for a long time but even though I’ve depended on assets in the cloud for years, using many devices to access them, this transition to an iPad Pro was the last great push. One that I will probably never return from.

Using the software

Because I’m an student I have an Apple Pencil for sure and an app to maximize the performance of your classes is Notability you can do more draw or write.

For view and editing code I use working copy, it can connect to your github account

For taking notes on the go I use the notes stock app

Mobility and convenience

As I mentioned before I use the Apple Pencil and for me combined with the keyboard it’s just perfect because you can do more than in a laptop


You have all adobe or almost all adobe suite on the appsstore it’s not as complemented as the pc version but it’s so powerful. And of corse a lot of photography apps to make effects easily.

Photoshop express


Adobe comp cc

Adobe photoshop fix

Adobe Photoshop Fix enables powerful, yet easy image retouching and restoration on your iPad or iPhone. Heal, smooth, liquify, lighten and make other edits and adjustments that give you the precise look with a simple touch.

The list of cons

I then made a list of what I would be saying goodbye to if I left OS X.

The list really wasn’t that long. Some of the painpoints of trying to move to an iPad Pro which others have described are just not relevant to everyone.

I used to be a heavy user — but now I can’t wait to start using something else. Some have pointed out that using multiple applications (more than 2 in split-screen) is a big thing only possible in iOS. To me, I was looking forward to blinders. Because my computer can do a gazillion things at once, it doesn’t mean that it’s a good habit.

Maybe in the near future I will stop using the iPad the way I use it due to my studies but while, for me and I think I am not wrong to say that for many students, it is a good substitute for the PC especially for taking notes, browsing etc…