Pablo Massa Portfolio

Hi!, I’m a UX designer.

My focuses are UX, UI, and product design. To complement these skills I also have knowledge in research, prototyping, usability, content strategy and information architecture.

Additionally, I know the basics of HTML and CSS which has helped me a lot when I’m working with front-end designers and developers.

Here is some of my work.

Payments app (2015)

For this app I applied Google’s Material Design visual language. I started by studying the user’s needs and making wireframes and flows, then created the prototypes and high fidelity design.


High fidelity screens


News webapp (2015)

My role on this project was as a UX and product designer. I created a basic idea of the product and a friend joined me to develop and make it happen. This was a webapp that merges articles through RSS feeds to a network of news sites giving the user a better experience and saves time.

Website for a music band (2015)

This is a simple website for a friend’s band. Short, visually appealing and mobile friendly. All of the design and front-end work was done by me.

News website redesign (2014)

This was one of my biggest projects to-date. My role here was as a UX/UI designer and also product designer/project manager. In total it was five months of development.

The main objectives of the redesign.

  • Improve the user experience.
  • Use responsive design for all kind of devices.
  • Introduce a simple, easy and effective subscription model.
  • Improve the information architecture.
  • Introduce a weekly newsletter.
  • Create customer training for a proper use of the new site.


Wireframe process

Landing page announcing the redesign of the website and the new features

User flowchart for subscriptions

Iconography system