In 1965, Jorge Zalamea wrote a book compiling poetry from societies considered “uncivilized,” to prove that there wasn’t such a thing as “underdeveloped peoples in poetry.”

An “Eskimo” (he calls it “esquimal” at a time when it wasn’t seen as derogatory) spell against death in there goes (in the original Spanish of the book):

Veo acercarse los perros blancos de la aurora.

¡Atrás, atrás: si no queréis que os unza mi trineo!

Which in English should be:

I see the white dogs of dawn approaching.

Back, back: if you don’t want me to yoke you to my sled!

I am not sure if the original is in Inuit or Yupik, but I found this beautiful, and I would appreciate if anybody could help me to track it down.

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