Here’s how the new budget fails Illinois
Bruce Rauner

Wow, I didn’t think I would agree with anything in this piece, but I did agree with the assertion that “Illinois is blessed with every natural resource — except good government.” The head of that state government is a Governor who cannot govern, unable to compromise, willing to buy his party’s support, and willing to imperil the fiscal health of his state. There is nothing in this piece in which this elected civil servant takes any responsibility for the crisis he has actively participated in. He is not hurting while social services are shutting down, State schools are struggling to keep their doors open, state bills are stacking up, and the cost of state borrowing goes up… Infuriatingly, he lets us know that this budget did not have have term limits or the regulation reforms he wanted, and because failed to get these passed on their own he was willing to go another year without a budget. He arrogantly decided that he could hold the state budget hostage until the legislature did what he wanted, and when that didn’t happen he thought he could just let Illinois hurt enough until they buckled, and that failed so badly that representatives of his own party have now broken from him. This governor has failed Illinois for two years, and he fails right now to admit it.

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