Who will be the Babylon Health of the Pet Health Sector?

Pablo Pazos
Aug 5 · 4 min read

I think competition is always a positive thing, in every business, but it is even more positive when we talk about mission-driven companies like Barkibu. We work hard every day to help build a world where it’s easier to have healthy pets. And we honestly believe that this mission is so important, that we must help any individual or company that works in this direction, even if they are our competitors.

Our vision

But, I keep getting the same question so I’ll try to answer it today: Why will we win?

Barkibu is a pet health platform that combines AI and human veterinarians to help pet parents take better care of their pets.

Barkibu AIVet

What sets us apart from our competitors is a combination of having the right team, having access to the right data, and having the right partners. Let me explain a bit deeper why I see it this way:

The pet world is, by all means, parallel to the human world, but smaller and a few years behind. Pets are more and more becoming family members, which means we already have needs for our pets, that a few years ago would be considered totally crazy.

So, we have more and more pet parents, who love their pets more and more, and they all need (and deserve) access to quality health care for pets. And just like it happens with humans, the only way to make quality pet care accessible and affordable worldwide is through technology.

This means that, without any doubt, we’ll have the Babylon Health or Ada Health, of the pet sector.

So, the important question is: Why is it going to be Barkibu and not any other company? Well, that is impossible to prove today but I’ll give you my reasons:

Our partners

Our business model is pretty similar to Ada Health meaning that most of our income comes from partnering with pet companies and institutions:

Ada offers a valuable health management platform for government institutions, providers and other health businesses. We earn revenue by partnering with these stakeholders to help them deliver more personalized patient-centric care, by simplifying the healthcare experience-from assessing pressing mental and physical health concerns, to saving time at the doctor’s office and to helping people to identify the most appropriate treatment options and care.

So, technology is a need but the winner will be the one who is best positioned to have access to the right partners and the right data.

Due to our history, team, growth, resources, partners and a bit of luck, I’m sure we are currently the best-positioned ones to lead this pet health revolution.

Our team

Another way to try to predict if we are going to win our competitors is to understand the hurdles that we are all going to face to become the best AI-powered vet assistant: Well, we have identified several different stages from our current product to the place where we want to be in two years from now. Each one of them could have critical difficulties. Here you have the biggest ones we can expect:

  1. Quality of data for training our models. In order to train our system to detect thousands of diseases, we need to work with different data sources external to our platform Barkibu.com. We learned the hard way (building Barkibu Analytics with retailers) how difficult and time-consuming it is to clean up, ingest and adapt each new source of data. We’re using the architecture we’ve built for Barkibu Analytics to help us move faster, but it will be hard work with integrations that will fail, data that will be corrupt, etc.
  2. This product is an advanced R&D and some choices will lead to a dead end. We can’t predict which models will work well enough and as we move forward to a more advanced solution, we will find many paths that will not work.
  3. Human vets work. The deeper we wanna go, the more critical it is to have human veterinarians training our system. We have several ideas to get help from our community but also, current and future partnerships are key to moving faster.

Pablo Pazos

Written by

Founder at www.barkibu.com Barkibu is the biggest online veterinary and pet lover community. Traveller, climber and snowboarder. @barkibu.

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