Ask Dodon, he knows…

A very pivotal moment happened last week. NBC & Megyn Kelly went straight to St-Petersburg to meet and interview Vladimir Putin himself. Full 180 degree turn from previous Barack’s ‘I isolated Russia’ endeavour. From the moment they announced the interview I brought some pop-corn, and I was not disappointed, it was everything I was expecting. Of course I conjectured, as many others from the moment it was announced. More or less it was clearly being laid out the playing field: no isolation anymore. From the last two years Putin achieved two key victories over NATO’s war machine: Crimea and Syria. Not only that, despite sanctions, he’s been winning support left & right: India, Iran, China, Philippines, Turkey, Qatar, and of course Syria, are all following -to different degrees, Vladimir Putin’s lead. Not bad, for a guy supposedly isolated, according to Barak’s Warp World. You don’t heard this other one anymore: ‘Putin is on the wrong side of history’. Me must remember, numerous Western pundits were telling us all across MSM that Russia was going against the sense of history. Most people chew this one without questioning. Now, if you think more that two seconds you realize that arguing that The History is on your side is the same category than saying G*d is on your side. Utter nonsense, there is consensus referring the second case. But, regarding the first premise, it is the very prevalent pipe dream that most progressives are smoking. It’s a premise that translate -at a very basic level, to say: I’m right, you’re wrong. How I know I’m right? I’m a progressive, I’m on the right side of history. They are illuminated simpletons that replaced G*d by History.

So here we have Megyn wrapped in her supremacist cape -the good side of history, who open the hostilities throwing to him the regurgitated Russia-gate story, in a very confrontational way. I remember a few interviewers displaying such amount of animosity, and condescending tone towards Putin, and she was on her high horse. So Putin heard her, changed position, took off the earphones (no interruption) and calmly responded. First he throw away all her claims: show me the evidence, dear, the same question Comey was never able to answer. He make some fun about her 3 years old daughter, he said we can make your daughter appears to be sending whatever we want.

Then, Megyn, straight from Hollywood, throw at him: ‘Even Trump admitted Russia intervened the elections … and said … they will never do it again’ with a smile from a movie, or from Hillary’s playbook. Now, THIS IS A LIE, IN THE OPEN. I’m sure by now most NBC segments are cut but always we can rely on people around the world relaying the videos, mostly in youtube. Russians don’t deprive themselves from a good laugh, the segments are available! So, she threw some incoherent babbling about Trump saying something he never said, (unless I miss something). If Trump said so, for sure MSM would still be talking but no, Megyn on her own RDF, decided that Trump said something she wants him to say. It may be celebrated behavioural antics displayed in cozy corporate America’s newsrooms, but here she is in front of Putin, the Boss himself, and she is lying to her pants…

Putin debunked her right away, asked precisions, Megyn said ‘it seems he said also…’ Putin responded, ‘it seems, it seems my pocket is too short, and went on a good old Russian joke. Love it, the art of tell everything without being offensive, but with flair. Obviously the game is too high for Megyn, she is not used to confront alpha males, and intelligence.

Then, she asked Modi (India’s PM): Putin says he didn’t touched our elections, do you believe him?

And that was surreal. Putin bended towards Modi, and told him:

‘Ask Dodon, he knows…”

I’m not sure if Megyn was able to realize how much they were laughing at her. From what I read the quote was translated to her as ‘ask Obama’, quite a dumb translation. He was referring to Igor Dodon, the president of Moldova (one of the co-hosts of the St-Petersburg Summit where the interview took place).

Modi’s answer also was gold, and the rest is history.