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4 min readAug 14, 2023


YouTube Live Event — Digital Nomads

At Manabu, we believe that cycling has the power to shape extraordinary leaders. Our live event, “Why Biking Makes CEOs/Founders Better Leaders,” held on June 14, 2023, delved into this dynamic theme, and we’re thrilled to share a snapshot of the insightful discussions that took place.

YouTube Video — Live Event

🔥 YouTube Video Timeline:

  • 5:00 Min: Deana a captivating start as the CEO and ambassador of Voodoo Cycles took the stage. Her journey unveiled a fusion of passions — nature, cycling, art, outer space, astrology, and meditation — fueling her drive for a sustainable future.
  • 7:00 Min: Brand history intertwined with ancient voodoo culture, establishing a profound connection with ancestors, mother earth, and courage-fueled positive energy.
  • 9:00 Min: The spotlight on our remarkable bikes, each an embodiment of innovation, functionality, and environmental mindfulness.
  • 10:00 Min: Voodoo Community — a powerful network driven by shared values, advocating sustainability and positive change.
  • 16:00 Min: Our immersive movie tours, a blend of adventure and education fostering deeper connections with our planet.
  • 25:00 Min: The pivot to Fukuoka and Japan’s unique allure, a focal point of global trends in sustainable living.

Part 2:

  • 31:30 Min: Transitioning to Pablo, the visionary founder of Manabu and digital nomad extraordinaire. His multifaceted passions encompass running, cycling, zen meditation, AI, and the mysteries of space.
  • 34:30 Min: Unveiling the essence of Manabu, a rebranding journey that reflects our commitment to empowerment, growth, and forward momentum.
  • 38:00 Min: Why the Manabu Smart Dashboard? Insights into our driving force — enhancing lives through streamlined, insightful data.
  • 45:40 Min: Global footprints — uncovering the top 3 countries championing bike commutes and fostering a healthier planet.
  • 47:30 Min: A transformative trend emerges — over 25% more women pedaling towards a greener tomorrow.
  • 49:20 Min: Rallying behind environmental benefits — reducing CO2 emissions through the power of cycling.
  • 55:00 Min: Wrapping up with gratitude and a call to connect, we invite you to be part of our movement towards a sustainable, inspiring future.

How we assist our business partner to do an exhibition (pop-up store) & Event at (Q) Co-Learning Space JR Kyushu, Hakata Station (Amu Plaza)

Photos related to on-site event & pop-store — Softlanding, expanding Taiwanes business in Japan with help of Manabu Community and networking

Our event was a true celebration of shared visions, journeys, and the belief that cycling transforms more than roads — it transforms lives. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, events, and initiatives from Manabu. Connect with us as we continue to pave the path towards leadership, innovation, and a greener planet. 🌱🌎 Our deeply thanks to our translator Midori and [Q] co working/learning space for hosting our event.

I’m excited to share my wonderful collaboration experience with Manabu.dev and their vibrant digital nomads community. Together, we successfully established a pop store at JR Kyushu shopping mall (Q) co-working/learning space. Their incredible support extended to locating a proficient event translator, amplifying our promotions, and in a short span, we achieved the remarkable feat of selling all our exhibit bikes in Fukuoka. 🌟🚴‍♂️🤝 —Deana, Vooodoo Cycles, CEO

This strategic business collaboration facilitated the smooth entry of our Taiwanese partner into the fiercely competitive Japanese market. The fruits of this collaboration were evident as we successfully sold every bike showcased during our exhibition. Moreover, this partnership has opened doors for Voodoo Cycles, positioning them as one of the select international companies slated to pitch at the upcoming Plug&Play event organized by Fukukoka Prefecture on October 3rd in Japan. 🚴‍♂️🌍🤝

Join us in our quest to create a community that empowers digital nomads and fosters positive change. Together, let’s embark on a journey that celebrates exploration, sustainable living, and global connections. Follow me for more information and stay update of your global community, feel free to comments and connect with us. Pablo, founder!

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