I am… bored.

Hi, I’m @PabloSanchez and I’m bored.

Well, not right now, but in lots of points in my life I was.

Sometimes I think that’s a bad thing, but after a long consideration, I realize that it’s been something positive in the long run.

Since I was a kid I got bored pretty easily with lots of stuff: games, classes, toys and more.

I’ve always wanted to move on to something that challenged me more, or that seemed more interesting than what I was currently dealing with.

It’s not like I have “ADD” or anything, it’s just routine that kills me.

And maybe that’s why the last years of my life have been constantly changing.

I was born and raised in Córdoba, Argentina. I’ve loved computers since I can remember. I’ve loved tech as a whole, in fact. So that’s why I decided to study Computer Science in College (or the Argentinian equivalent of it). The thing is… I didn’t finish College. I got bored of it.

Also, I was already working on IT at the same time I was studying, and most of the things that I was being taught at College I had already learnt them by myself: reading over the internet, buying ebooks, making online courses and whatnot.

So after dropping out, I got different jobs where (un)surprisingly, everyone was curious about why I dropped out of College. Keep in mind, Córdoba is like a “big town” instead of a “small city”, so if you drop out of College, everyone thinks you’ll end up driving a cab.

So, when I got bored of working on different companies in my hometown, I decided to work on a Digital Agency and move to Buenos Aires, the largest city in Argentina. In that place, I learned by being a great first adopter, having a successful blog, reading like crazy, and lots and lots of common sense.

I didn’t have any family there and I didn’t know a lot of people. I was alone. And I loved it.

I knew I wasn’t going to be bored for a long time. And I was right.

And to make that a reality, I started my own company 2 years ago with amazing people. Something I knew I was going to do sooner or later.

Since then, we have worked on projects with tons of agencies from all around the world, big companies and startups. Nothing better to keep my boredom at line. Everyday is different and I find challenges all over the place.

Now we’re working on an amazing product and a wonderful startup of our own, and I feel the stakes to keep me occupied and busy all the time all really high.

And that’s why, I am not bored anymore.