Reimagining healthcare

In this day and age, technology has allowed us to effortlessly do so many amazing things–send videos of ourselves with doggie ears, watch someone play video games in real-time from their couch, get burritos delivered to our doors with the tap of a button, and a slew of other important tasks. Yet, if you want to consult with your doctor about that rash on your arm, get a prescription of that medicine you so urgently need, or just get a clear picture of how much a treatment plan is gonna cost–things are not that easy. Why?

As some of you may know, last year we formed a team of people that wanted to answer that question and take action on it. We decided to seize the opportunity to use design and technology to create the integrated healthcare experience we would want for ourselves. Simple and smart. You know, like it should be.

I’ll be the first one to admit, we were a bit naive when we started. We knew the problem was huge, but we didn’t know how difficult it could be. But it was that innocence that made us believe in ourselves and say “We can totally do this… let’s solve healthcare!”. We know the journey ahead presents many hurdles, but we’re ready to take the long road. If you’re sailing across the ocean and you don’t want waves then why the hell are you sailing?

We’re calling ourselves Carbon. Why? Because it forms the key component for all life on Earth and <insert another reverse engineered answer here>. Truth is, I thought it would look cool in a logo too.

We’re far from finished, but we’re preparing for a soft-launch. We’re inviting our closest friends to try our initial experience. We trust you will be candid with us and give us feedback on how to improve our service. In return, routine clinic services will be provided at no cost* ;)

If you would like to participate, please join the waitlist here. Feel free to share this with your friends and family, but please don’t circulate it too widely as we are aiming to build a close relationship with our patients and start small.

Muchas gracias.


Ok, there’s a disclaimer
*The private launch period will begin on the day of your Carbon on-boarding and end on December 31st, 2016. All routine clinic services, including both digital consultations and in-person clinic visits, will be performed at no cost during this time. Routine services are limited to the consultation and care provided by Carbon physicians and excludes co-pay of prescription medication, vaccinations, lab tests, imaging requests and all other procedures that require a 3rd party provider. Your insurance will be billed as usual for all 3rd party provider services.
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