A look back at everything the team and community have built.

Let’s take a look back and celebrate everything the Robotos team and community achieved in 2021 since launching our collection of 9,999 Robotos!

We’re truly grateful to our collectors for all their help in the last five months—let’s see what has happened since launch:

1. Robotos Launch: Genesis 1

We created the art and technology…

Some basic beep boop info you need to read to participate in our “Draw a Roboto” competition! 🤖


Start: Tuesday, September 28th

End: Thursday, October 7th 11:59 EST.

Prize draw: Pablo Stanley will host a Twitter Space to reveal the winner of the competition on Friday, 8th of October

How to enter?


Pablo Stanley

CEO and cofounder at Blush, bringing illustrations for everyone. https://blush.design/

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