White Boy Problems
Cultures of Dignity

I also sent this to the author’s website

and your comment <QUOTE>None of us are entirely open-minded<UNQUOTE> is as stupid as saying “none of us is entirely not guilty of murder”, um, most of us are!

and your statement <QUOTE> But it’s also time for him to grow up.<UNQUOTE> just because a white boy doesn’t want to be stereotyped? Do you say to the Japanese or the Turks, because anyone who learns history know those 2 groups committed mass atrocities and still practice massive discrimination in their homelands. Same with the Aztecs too. I’m part-Mexican, my dad is native of Oaxaca (so not Aztec territory) and don’t EVER ask people from that area to consider Aztecs totally guiltless, EVER!

Me, I’m from Hawaii, where Asians are in positions of great power (governor, legislature, US Senators and the majority of the education system) so I know what it’s like to feel left out when I’m around them, BUT STILL, I wouldn’t tell them “you need to grow up if you complain about being discriminated”. It wasn’t that long ago when they were heavily discriminated in Hawaii, just like it wasn’t that long ago when the Irish were discriminated in New York.

Your social justice virtue signaling is way overly symplified, that even someone like me (who wouldn’t be welcomed by much of Trump’s deplorables) give heavy eyerolls to the way your Medium article severely over-simplifies the issue!

So please, watch my YouTube channel (especially the “Different Types of Privilege” series) and read my blogs. It shows race relations as much more complex than what the Deplorables or the Fake Justice Warriors make it out to be!

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