Jennifer Cox

<QUOTE> Your #notallwhites statement is unproductive and self-centered.<UNQUOTE>

NO Jennifer Cox, your statement is unproductive and self-centered! I’m of non-white ancestry, hated by the deplorables yet I am so sick of the anti-white shaming that gets all pissy when a white ally says #notallwhites. If you want white allies (I do), then we need MORE #notallwhites, not less!

People like you think that #notallwhites is a sign of “white fragility” but as a non-white hated by deplorables, I demand that non-whites stop being fragile in the face of #notallwhites!

PS: If you really want to hear non-white voices, start reading from John McWhorter, Walter Williams, Ruben Navarrette, Shikma Dalmia, Stuart Hayashi to learn that #NotAllNonwhites support anti-white shaming, nor do all those who oppose fall into the deplorable self-haters category like Michelle Maglalang Malkin or Tila Tequila!