PCOS and Hyperinsulinemia
Dr. Jason Fung

FABULOUS article, Dr. Jason Fung! TYVM, as always!!! LURVE the info you present on PCOS, Hyperinsulinemia, Type 2 Diabetes and Fasting, etc… As a person with extreme insulin resistance (PCOS, Type 2 Diabetes & all the metabolic issues that come with that condition), I soooo appreciate your hard work! Wish I had known about all of this 30 years ago when my symptoms first began! But so glad I found you and Dr. Eric Berg and began a Healthy Keto & IF Lifestyle…down 109.5 pounds so far! YAY!! Keep fighting That Good Fight to spread the word and I will share very single relevant tweet, blog post and video from the both of you to help!!!! #FungFan :) ❤