Arthur et Matthieu : From Paris, FR to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA : The AWS Deepracer League

Arthur Pace
Nov 10, 2019 · 4 min read
Matthieu (left) and Arthur (right) working on their model

It has been seven months since we won the AWS Deepracer League competition in Paris. Today, we are eagerly preparing for the final competition that will take place in Las Vegas at AWS re:Invent.

About us

Matthieu Rousseau, 21 years old, is an engineering student in computer science at ISEP (French engineering school in Paris, France) and CEO of, a Machine Learning start up. He joined the Applied Innovation Exchange of Capgemini France after having the opportunity to present his autonomous car project on the Capgemini stand at VIVATECH as part of the AI association he runs in his university.

Arthur Pace, 21 years old, is an engineering student in computer science at UTT (French engineering school in Troyes, France). After welcoming Capgemini to the business forum of his school, he decided to join Capgemini for his internship.

April 02, 2019 : AWS Summit in Paris

The AWS Summit in Paris

Back in April 2019, the Amazon Web Services summit of Paris took place. AWS is Amazon’s cloud service, used by millions of developers worldwide. AWS offers more than 90 services, including computing, storage, network, database, data analysis, application services etc.
This year, AWS launched a brand-new world-wide competition: the “AWS Deepracer League”. This competition has been held in key cities around the globe. We participated at the one hosted at the summit and won.

If you want more details about our victory in Paris, or how the competition works, please refer to our earlier article below:

Capgemini’s role

Leading up to the competition, we were able to practice using the resources that Capgemini provided for us including the equipment, account and space.

Following our victory, we organized a similar race internally within Capgemini Paris for further practice. We had about twenty teams offering us algorithms — each one just as interesting as the other. We reproduced the track from AWS re:Invent 2018 on a real scale with carpet and tape and the “final” competition took place in Capgemini’s office in Paris on July 10, 2019.

The AWS Deepracer League at Capgemini

Podcasts, newspaper articles, online articles…

We have been contacted by several media to be the subject of articles: IT Social, Medium, Planète Robot. We even recorded an AWS podcast (available on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music). We also had several talks: “feedback”, in particular at HEC (Hautes écoles de Commerce)and PMU (Paris Mutuel Urbain).

You’ll find below the French article published on the IT Social website.

Preparation for the international final in Las Vegas during the re:Invent 2019

Since April, we have continued to work on many ways to improve our model — trying to find ways to improve our time by improving the position of the waypoints and then the trajectory. We have had several opportunities to work at Capgemini with the track we had built for the internal race and with our colleagues, who have helped and supported us.

We are very excited to go to re:Invent. We are young, we have a lot to learn from the other participants in the Deepracer but also from all the people we will meet there. On top of that, we are excited to travel a week in Las Vegas, discover a country, and discover people from other cultures from all over the world.

Arthur Pace

Written by

Computer Engineering Student — AWS DeepRacer Winner in Paris

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