10 basics today’s journalists need
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How about taking a couple of Ethics classes? With the access to information and the different platforms a journalist may use, ethical dilemmas are even more frequent. In fact, Ethics learning should probably, in my opinion, be a required part of the curriculum beginning in high school, but at least through the college years. Maybe a course in general ethics at the 200 level, then another specific to the major of choice. When I was studying journalism, news reporting was all about neutrality, objectivity, and facts. Opinions were clearly labeled as editorials. Now, words seem not to be carefully selected to avoid bias and television media is contaminated by bias delivered through intonation, facial expression, and word choice. Personal rights and the good of the community served measured in terms more complicated than the simplistic “right to now” seem often to be trampled “get the most attention-grabbing and get it first” philosophy.

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