My Letter in Support of Matthew Keys
Ernie Smith

Dear Ernie, Thank you so much for writing a letter to President Obama for your friend Matthew. I also wrote two such letters. Matthew liked one of them so much that he asked me to send it to a whole list of White House Staffers, which I did. So the White House is fully informed that a vibrant, groundbreaking journalist is in jail over a prank, a prank in which he says he was not involved.

My blog post asking people to email the White House got about 4500 hits. We were sending links to particular targets — journalists, media lawyers, writers. I figured that if 10% of those viewing the blog post wrote an email to the President, then the President received at least 450 emails about Matthew Keys’ plight. I don’t agree with anyone fiddling with anyone else’s website, but I also know that in the scope of things, what happened does not justify destroying a young man’s life. It is this hieracrchy of values that seems to be missing in this case. If anyone would still like to write an email, please do:

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