Pachama Welcomes Amazing New Investors to Support our Mission

A note from our founder

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When COVID-19 started to expand rapidly around the world causing markets to crash, so many companies to lay-off employees (and of course so much human suffering), I worried about the landscape to get additional funding to continue working on our critical mission of restoring nature to solve climate change. I knew that we had made enormous progress with Pachama, demonstrating our ability to develop solid forest analysis via machine learning models, securing high-profile customers such as Microsoft and Shopify and adding great forests conservation and restoration projects from around the world to our marketplace. But I wasn’t sure whether investors were going to shy away from long-term, purpose-driven companies like ours.

So I decided to send a couple of emails and explore the level of interest from select investors in participating on a small extension of our seed round, in order to extend our runway and navigate these uncertain times. I was incredibly surprised with the result. Not only was there interest from almost everyone I talked to, but also from some of my dream investors: investors that are truly aligned with our mission, who understand the long term nature of our venture and who have incredible networks to support our work.

After several Zoom calls from my home in the forest (which was going to burn down some weeks later), we put together a small but powerful round of funding to help Pachama continue investing in our platform development. These investors are joining our company early not only because they see the beginnings of what Pachama will become, but because they are dedicated to our mission for years to come. They will help us with their expertise and networks to maximize the chances of accomplishing our ambitious vision of restoring the world’s forests.

Today we are super excited to share that we have received $5M of additional funding from this incredible group:

Carmichael Roberts, from Breakthrough Energy Ventures said about us: “By leveraging technology to create new levels of measurement, monitoring, and verification of carbon removal — while also onboarding new carbon removal projects seamlessly — Pachama makes it easier for any company to become carbon neutral. With its advanced enterprise tools and resources, the company has enormous potential to accelerate carbon neutrality initiatives for businesses through afforestation.”

Kara Hurst, Vice President of Sustainability at Amazon, said about us: “We are excited to invest in Pachama, a company applying cutting-edge technology to protect ecosystems, restore forests, and improve carbon markets. We are looking forward to working with Pachama to monitor and evaluate nature-based solutions, including investments made by the Right Now Climate Fund.”

I want to personally thank all the incredible people behind these investments in Pachama who decidedly moved forward in the midst of a confusing time for all. It’s really inspiring and encouraging to see all these great companies and firms really step up to the climate crisis. We will continue to work with relentless determination to deliver on our promise of helping conserve and restore forests to remove carbon from the atmosphere and solve climate change. We are just on day one, but we have the passion and resolve needed to climb the many mountains ahead of us. Let’s do this!

With gratitude,

Diego Saez Gil, Founder and CEO at Pachama

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