Applications of Translucent stone panels

While the matter is crystal clear that certain types of natural stones such as granite, sandstone etc. are all the way obscure, other stones such as onyx, alabaster, and marble are thoroughly translucent. When backlighting is focused on panels made out of these stones, their power to emit light gives them a glowing appearance. Illumination also brings out the nuances of the sophisticated patterning found in these extraordinary stones.

Translucent stone panels we at Pacific Bedrock offer are just the ticket for a broad range of applications, whilst back-lighting guarantees that they will be luminous and radiant focal points irrespective of the place where they are installed.

Benefits of Pacificbedrocks’s Translucent Stone Panels:

Broader and fragile fragments of translucent stone panels are the ticket to put together panels to enable improved light transmission.

The glass layer of our translucent stone panels can face out to safeguard against weathering and damage.

Polycarbonate and glass lamination facilitates the manufacturing of bullet-proof panels.

Translucent stone panels are shatter-resistant, lightweight, and easy to install.

Applications For Back-lit, Translucent Stone Panels

Translucent stone panels can be used to craft many attention-grabbing illuminated elements, such as:

  • Bar tops
  • Ceilings
  • Columns
  • Floors
  • Interior walls
  • Elevator ceilings
  • Counters
  • Desks
  • Partitions

Options For Translucent Stone Panels

Pacific Bedrock has several wonderful translucent stone options to help ensure all clients get the like-minded look they want to have in their hotel foyer, eatery, resort, casino etc.

Are you looking for translucent stone panels that you cannot see on our website? If yes, please let us know! We can supply natural translucent stone panels such as onyx, marble, and sandstones from different parts of the world. We will do our utmost to pinpoint the like-minded pattern and shade that you want to have in your illuminated natural stone bar top, feature wall, or floor.

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