7 Amazing Advantages of Urgent Care Centers

Urgent care centers provide care right when you need it without running to emergency rooms or waiting for hours at a doctor’s office. Here are the biggest advantages of urgent care centers.

Complete care

Urgent care includes both family medicine and emergency medicine. Because of this, the doctors at leading urgent care centers, such as Pacific Medical Care in San Diego, are internal medicine specialists with comprehensive knowledge, which allows them to address a wide range of medical issues.

The urgent care doctors can provide care with –

· Flu

· Asthma attacks

· Broken bones

· Cuts and scrapes requiring stitches

· Chest pain

· Earaches

· Dizziness

· Bee sting reactions

· Accidents and falls

· Sprains and strains

· Neurological problems

· Back problems

· High fever

· Abdominal pain

· Vomiting and/or diarrhea

· Severe sore throat

Round The Clock Care

Urgent care centers have longer hours than any other clinics. That makes them an ideal place to go when you are facing a non-life-threatening illness but require immediate medical attention, for instance, cuts and bruises, elder care and fever.

No waiting

You need not make an appointment to go to an urgent care center. You can just walk in. In addition, you do not have to spend hours waiting as in a hospital emergency room or weeks to get an appointment with a doctor.

You are traveling

San Diego is a bustling city. The city sees many travelers come and go each day. Traveling involves going out of town and that means you are away from your primary care physician. What if you need urgent care and you can’t go to a hospital?

If you need non-life threatening medical help, you can easily go to a good urgent care center in the area or even have a doctor come to you.

House Call Doctors

Some urgent care centers, such as Pacific Medical Care in downtown San Diego, even offer house call doctors who would come to your hotel or office to provide treatment. This can be useful if you can’t go to the center, for instance, you are experiencing nausea.

Elder Care

If you have elders at home who can’t go to the hospital, it makes sense to have house call doctors and mobile diagnostics and lab work done at home for them. Great urgent care centers provide house call doctors for acute situations as well as ongoing care.

Mobile Medicine

The mobile doctor, diagnostics and lab work is super convenient for anyone who can’t travel to the hospital for any reason. The doctor and lab would come to them. That takes a huge burden off the shoulders of people with senior care responsibilities.

To understand more about urgent care centers, call Pacific Medical Care in San Diego at 619–333–8114 or visit www.pacificmedicalcare.net.