What to Look For in an Internal Medicine Doctor

Selecting a primary care physician is one of most important steps toward managing your health. It’s your primary care doctor whom you visit for –

· wellness visits

· routine screenings

· illnesses which are non-emergency, such as sore throats

· your go-to person for your health concerns

· the person who refers you to see a specialist

When you choose a primary care physician, you’ll want to select someone you would feel comfortable talking to and someone with expertise in the areas of your health needs.

Here are five tips for choosing a new primary care physician –

In-Network Doctors

In order to pay less out of pocket, you may want to choose “in-network” doctor because such a doctor would accept your insurance plan.

Doctor whose Expertise Meets Your Health Needs

Many different types of doctors can be identified as primary care physicians — Family Practice, Internal Medicine or General Practice. You can also find doctors who focus on children (Pediatricians) and serve as the primary care physician for your child.

· Family Practice — Family practice physicians treat patients of all ages. They can treat a wide variety of conditions and even ailments you would normally see a specialist for, such as sports injuries.

· Internal Medicine — Internal medicine doctors treat adults and specialize in the prevention, diagnosis and management of chronic diseases.

· General Practice — General practice doctors are like family practice doctors who can treat patients of any gender or age.


You would ideally want a doctor located close to your home or office. Find out what days and times the doctor sees patients. Is it possible to see your doctor after work or on weekends?

San Diego internal medicine doctors at Pacific Medical Care are available all days, even weekends and holiday.

Visit the Doctor

The best way to find out whether you’ve selected the right doctor is a visit or a face-to-face interaction with the doctor. Check if you feel comfortable in the office and with the doctor and the staff. Is your doctor approachable? Can you freely discuss your problems with the doctor?

Evaluate other important factors, such as the behavior of staff who answers the phone and greet you when you reach there and how long is the wait to see the doctor after you arrive for your appointment.

Your primary care physician should be someone you trust and can depend upon to help manage your healthcare. So choose wisely.

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