Pacio’s Executive Director: Trevor Watters
Jan 12, 2018 · 2 min read
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Moved from a banking background to grow a CPA Public Practice around business clients from manufacturing, service, contracting and retail sectors.

Developed and sold ‘TaxPrep’ in 1980 — the first Australian Income Tax Preparation software.

As Technical co-director of Focus Based Management Pty. Ltd., Trevor was instrumental in developing TARI® related software to help business advisers and their clients apply the findings flowing from the research undertaken by Dr Cleland, which was taking place at the coal-face of business.

His software became a key tool in speedily identifying and eliminating the key obstacles to an improved bottom line. Businesses experiencing difficulties and winning only 1 in 16 quotes found they were now winning 1 in 4 quotes; businesses putting 25% on their jobs to cover profit and never ending up with more than 5%, found themselves achieving profits they could never have imagined. And not just manufacturing and service sectors, distributors and retailers also shared in a new way of looking at their businesses seeing change for the better within a matter of weeks.

Trevor supervised support and upgrades for more than 750 accounting practices in Australia and overseas, and conducted introductory and advanced workshops in management advisory techniques.

Other interests include Baseball Umpiring, having been President of the NSW Baseball Umpires Association Inc. for 7 years and an accredited ABF Umpire Instructor.

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