For OKCupid for example, what is more important: control or patterns?
Eugene Scherba

That’s an interesting question. From a product manager’s perspective — which in turn should represent a customer’s perspective — probably control. It’s how we as humans manipulate a thing, with the thing being OKCupid’s vast resources of, well, what people go there to find :)

Leveraging patterns is merely one approach to navigating large amounts of data, i.e., generalization. We have large bodies of math (linear algebra, multilinear algebras, statistics, support vectors, topology, etc.) that translate readily into source code for pattern work and can be applied to mitigate our bewilderment among mountains of possible directions to navigate, or other machine-assisted options.

IMO, there are oh so many flavors of cognition that people use … deduction being the Sherlock-ish one, albeit rare in practice … justification being much more commonplace in day-to-day thoughts … abduction and its more recent kin inceptionism being more “machine-like” … though we could jump off the deep end into Mikhail Bakhtin, John McCarthy, et al., for a wide variety of modes of reasoning. Manipulation of patterns only scratches the surface.