My Take on the Apple Watch (And Why I Don’t Think It’s Overpriced)

Apple’s doing what it’s best at

Starting from $349 and with the most expensive Apple Watch Edition watch priced at $17,000, a lot of people think that the Apple Watch is outrageously overpriced considering that it’s a smartwatch that does what other smartwatches can already do.

But I don’t think so. Apple is taking a different way than other competitors. The Apple Watch may not be the best-looking smartwatch out there (I really like the design of Moto 360), but Apple is trying it’s best to make the Apple Watch something more than just a smartwatch.

Looking at the different combinations you can customize with the Apple Watch (the three models, case sizes and different bands), the 38 models definitely outnumbers other smartwatches.

It’s a fashion accessory

Despite the fact that I can’t afford an Apple Watch or Apple Watch Edition, I still don’t think that the Apple Watch is overpriced. Firstly, as mentioned above, this watch is not being treated by Apple as a regular smartwatch. Instead, Apple thinks it’s a high-end fashion accessory. Advertisements on fashion magazines like Vogue, high quality material and build and the diverse choice of watch bands show that Apple wishes to target their customers to fashion lovers.

Take the iPhone for example, Apple doesn’t want users to treat the iPhone as a normal Android smartphone. The company’s advertisements and marketing strategy wanted users to make use of the apps on the App Store to “create something new”, or take beautiful photos with the iPhone.

High quality build

Secondly, the manufacturing and material used makes me feel that Apple has made a great deal of effort to make this product higher-end. Tim Cook specifically stressed in the Spring Forward event that those materials are specially crafted. Little as I know about those materials, it’s without doubt that Apple spent some money on the research and development of these new materials (especially gold).

Apps, apps, and apps

Thirdly, the ecosystem of Apple is one of the most important factors that makes the Apple Watch worth it. I always try to find apps that are intuitive and interesting to install to my Pebble Steel. But I find it hard to find, let’s say, a good fitness app or a good social app that I can use frequently. Android Wear provides a relatively wider range of apps but it still lacks some major developers and functionality in apps. Apple, on the other hand, already got in touch with a lot of developers (such as Twitter, OpenTable, Evernote, CNN, and even ProCreate) to develop for them. These Apple Watch apps, same as iPhone apps, open a wide range of opportunities for users to do much more than other apps.

For me, this is not an ordinary smartwatch that just shows the latest notificaions, and replies messages for you. It can easily outdo a lot of smartwatches out in the market with its vast selection of apps, communication method and health functionalities. I seriously cannot wait to get to an Apple Store and be surprised by what this little device on my wrist can do for me.

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