Kazini — Collaboration without Borders

We are excited to share our new project with you. In collaboration with FreeWork in Kenya we are developing an application for a decentralized socio-economic network, which will accomplish access to working opportunities for people all over the planet and ensure the remuneration of valuable work.

The project is called Kazini — swahili for work. Kazini consists of a valorization protocol and an assurance platform written as Smart Contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. You can say it is the technology that formalizes work, manages workflows and monetizes the result after a work performance is finished. For example people searching for a job will be brought together with job offers and get payed when the job is done. But Kazini is more. In the valorization protocol work that is currently not valued such as domestic work or even breastfeeding can be considered, and the results monetized.

This has the potential to rattle on inequalities of the current economic system and prevent negative effects as environmental pollution, caused by the current distribution of resources.

“Women in rural areas carrying firewood on their backs are said to release more kilojoules of energy than national energy providers”

explains Betty one of the heads of FreeWork and one can hear the passion in her voice when she speaks about this topic.

“ We imagine a situation where we buy that energy off their backs, by paying these women to plant trees and conserve forests in exchange for energy, food and water provided within the FreeWork ecosystem.”

As unpaid work like fetching firewood is often done by women the valorization of it, will empower women and support gender equality.

But it is not only about fairness, it is also about survival. Many areas of the world are regularly facing environmental disasters and economic crisis and the United Nations predict a massive accumulation of crises in a future with global warming and a growing world population. With the programmable economy of FreeWork factor productivity should become optimally utilized by making it transparent and the monetization adequate and assuredly.

Economically speaking they want to solve the principle-agent problem. To put it simple, collected and prepared information with Kazini technology will help making the right choices, saving raw material, working efficiently, avoid misinvestment and prevent corruption.

The overall goal of the Kazini protocol is to effectively guarantee outputs and promote socio-economic development outcomes for societies. The network shall help that anyone will be able to live an income supported livelihood.

This is in short the vision of Andrew Amadi, the sustainable Energy Engineer, Chris Daniels the programmer and visionaire and Betty Waitherero, the communications specialist. Together they founded FreeWork, set the rules for the Kazini protocol and decided to work on the implementation of their idea with all their qualifications, commitment and lifeblood. Their motto is based on the Japanese saying IKIGAI which means to have and to do something, that makes it worthy to live.

We are very happy to work with such inspiring people and support their project with our technical expertise. Currently we are building a mobile app that offers an API which can be used together with web3 and IPFS to build D-Apps on.

The mobile app is able to authenticate users by scanning their passports and connect a digital identity with it. Under the hood, Ethereum Android assures that every Blockchain-related aspect is done effectively, efficiently, and in a highly secure manner.

For more information you may want to check out the project on Github or read more on Medium. Join the exciting journey, we are already on board!

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