I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.. when it comes to police brutality and BLM. I know I’m probably going to sound crazy, and probably lose friends over this. But I am cool with that because I am going to say what I have to say. So please get ready to hear the same message you have been hearing for decades. There is so much to talk about in race relations and Social Justice as well as Donald Trump and “All Lives Matter.” So I’m going to split this post into parts. I’ve been saying it for a while now but BLM definitely needs a hierarchy and structure. We cannot riot in our own communities it’s what they want. They want to have reasons to keep us down.They want to have a reason to keep us in check. That being said we have to check black on black crime. Not that black on black crime makes our movement any less relevant. But because we need to be there for each other. If we don’t stand together we will fall separately. We are literally the second class citizens of this nation. You see how little they care about us.. remember hurricane Katrina? How they set up a road blockade that stopped black people from fleeing the city of New Orleans. Remember after Micheal Brown’s death in Missouri how police and firefighters literally smoked cigarettes and watched buildings burn?

As for All Lives Matter I am aware that there are more white people getting shot by police than black but that is because there are more whites. Black’s make up 12% of the population Non Hispanic whites make up 63%! So of course its going to be more white people killed than black. But if truly “All Lives Matter” why are you so combative with the BLM movement? Don’t you think we know everyone’s life has value? The BLM movement is not trying to say that black peoples lives have more value. The chant “Black Lives Matter” means the opposite. We feel undervalued by the Justice System. The Justice System does not care about us. Our musicians, poets and scholars have been saying the same thing for over 100 years now and you still don’t get the message from Paul Laurence Dunbar’s We wear the mask, Billy Holiday’s Strange Fruit, Tupac’s song Changes to Kendrick Lamar’s Alright. So to me when people say that All Lives Matter and try undermine BLM, they sound like a whiny kid who can’t let their sibling have attention.

Clearly you don’t really understand what BLM is about. It’s about the discrimination African American’s face in the Justice System that puts so many blacks in prison, its about the centuries of oppression racism and discrimination that gave even some of the poorest whites power and ego. However America seems to think discrimination disappeared over night after the Civil Rights Movement. I hate when people say racism was in the past and especially hearing about “white guilt”. The first thing I want to say is racism is not in the past. There are still people alive who witnessed lynchings and lived through segregation. The only thing I can even say to my people is to tell you what Sun Tzu said to make peace we have to prepare for war. Arm yourselves with knowledge, and know that we can make better days come! I love my nation and that’s the only reason I am even saying anything. We have got to make a change and come together. Because we are in this together we live in the same country and you are my neighbor. But to fix this we cannot apply band-aids to a broken arm. We have to heal!

Thanks again to anyone who took the time to read this.