This is not about misinformation or even race relations.
arthur lecuyer

Hello, I apologize if you cannot tell I am very new to Medium. I did not see your other post, until a moment ago. After giving everything a thorough read, I came to a conclusion. However, understand we are all intellectuals here please take it down a notch. We observe, think and we respond civilly &ethically. From what I’ve read from your posts you’re not afraid to speak the truth, and I respect that in a person.All three of your posts are a lot to read and a lot to respond to please bear with me.

To answer your question in the post. Umair didn’t seem to be in the perpetual state of despair our handicapped friend that beat his wife was in. He seemed more fed up than depressed, he also seemed willing to grow. Look at his last few lines “You will grow as person when you come to face your moral shortcomings in this life. That is true for each and every human soul. For that is when and only when the human heart reclaims its moral agency, its humanity, its freedom, its worth. Not just in my eyes, but in your own.”

My take is that you’re the one who is very cynical. You’re the man with the limp. Umair wants to make change and he realizes he can’t do that without the majority. This is due to the simple fact he is in the minority. If we compare this to your hypothetical. His glory he is achieving for himself and his nation is taking a stand against the bullies. He clearly stated he didn’t want to be patronized, so that others can feel good about themselves. He wanted people who would stand with him without folding. Umair wants us all to look deeply at the content of our character and overcome our problems. Which ironically enough is what the man missing both of his legs did. So to me Umair is the hero of this story.

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