Yes, I too found Medium confusing at first and there are still things that either baffle me or…
arthur lecuyer

I don’t know what to tell you, and this discussion will go in circles forever. But I will answer your question a second time. (what is in your post is not the answer I gave you.) He has a hopeful attitude. He hopes people will join his cause and stand wit him. You lose traction in your post when you compare him to a egomaniac, and then turn around and talk about, love, empathy and humility. The reason I said a “perpetual state of despair,” is because of your over the top hypothetical situation. You are very cynical because you meet almost none of the three traits you pointed out. I’ve just read another post by you. Where you asked someone if they are “delusional.” Instead of bashing people present hard facts numbers things people can go on.

You don’t show love, especially not empathy and your humility needs work. Your first thought is to bash him instead of trying to see from his point of view. Also have you ever thought you look way too hard at how he said it? Its to the point where you refuse to see the message. He says very clearly “My point is not to shame you or to blame you.It is for you to grow into a fuller, better person. How can you do that?” This whole thing is a suggestion on what to do, from his perspective. You blew this entirely out of proportion.

He is talking from his own personal experience and he didn’t vilify me or you or anyone. Clearly he meant that those from the majority who help the minority join a minority as well. ( Not literally) But you become part of the few that did something. My conscience is clear I in a minority as well. I stood up for people when they were bullied regardless of race. His post didn’t bother me one bit. You are on this site posting essay length posts that are redundant and unethical.

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