Don’t watch movies based on novels.

First time it hit me when I read book TV Lobotomie by Michel Desmurget. You are probably recognizing such situation: you read a book, you find it excellent, people and places from this book start to live inside your mind. Your imagination brings them to life.

That was the same for me with The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. Every hobbit had his own presence, every castle, garden or dungeons my imagination has built upon few little, funny, black signs known as LETTERS, there were also much broader views of battles, mountains and whole Middle-earth.

I was holding those beautiful images for over THIRTY YEARS! There were precious like RING for Gollum.

And then this colorful, hidden secret was almost completely LOST!

Just because I went to the movie theatre to see how it will look when somebody creats it.

End there was no anybody who could tell me:


It’s all gone. What I see in my mind it’s Elijah Wood instead of mine Frodo, Ian McKellen instead of mine Grey Gandalf, I see movie locations instead mine own beautiful places form from thin mist of imagination.

And I miss them a lot.

If I would know I will never watch it.

It’s because, as states TV Lobotomie book, picture seen replaces picture imaginated. It has higher priority. It’s like when you write file with the same name. What was in the original will be erased, overwritten and lost.

What has been seen, cannot be unseen.

Now I’m smarter, I won’t do it again. I ignored Ender’s Game movie and I definitely will ignore adaptation of The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester. When I was kid I dreamed about a movie based on this novel, now I’m 48 and read it again and it’s still good but has also something I will never want to loose:


p.s. Not everything was lost from LOTR. Do you remember Tom Bombadil? Yes? So, remember it for yourself. Do not allow anybody to change this hero. AFAIK he is a Creator. ;)

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