Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Friday: Cleaning/set-up for friend’s bridal shower tomorrow and buying flowers for the shower (separate budget, split between bridesmaids) and definitely eating at home since I ate out last night and got coffee on my way to work this morning. $0

Saturday: Bridal shower prep and party until late afternoon and then not sure what the plan is, maybe going to sit on a patio somewhere ($40ish)? Or else grocery shopping ($35) and then heading to bed early. The shower will be packed with people I’ll be meeting for the first time, so I imagine I’ll be pretty tired by the end of it.

Sunday: Work in the morning and then getting together with my family for Mother’s Day in the late afternoon at a beer garden. I bought the group present already, so I’m assuming my brother will pick up the tab for the afternoon. Then home for dinner, with a stop at the grocery store if I didn’t make it on Saturday.

Total = $75.00? I won’t need to fill up my car or anything this weekend, but this is feeling pretty low/aspirational considering the amount I’ll be out an about…