Inclusion: PRODEP Inter-CADEC Workshop 2012

Over 100 participants showed up for the 2012 Inter-CADEC Workshop of PADF’s Project for Participative Development. The three day event, held in the southern Haitian commune of Laborde, brought together representatives from CADECs (community based organizations) throughout Haiti. CADEC leaders were present from both the five Southern Departments (where PADF runs PRODEP) and in the North, where PRODEP is implemented by the Center for International Studies and Cooperation (CECI). PRODEP-PADF, which has implemented over 800 community-based projects throughout the 28 poorest communes in southern Haiti, held the workshop in order to reinforce the capacity and ability of the CADECs.

“PRODEP puts the power back into the communities,” explained Director Arsel Jerome, who moderated the event along with Henriot Nader from Haiti’s Ministry of Finance. “For eight years, the project has worked side by side with some of the most marginalized and isolated citizens in Haiti.” His viewpoint was echoed by Nader, who praised the programs’ “inclusion of those who matter most.”

The lectures and group exercises of the Inter-CADEC touched on a variety of themes-everything from results-measurement to how CADEC’s could strengthen connections with the national government and as well as with each other. “To have everyone together in one place is extraordinary,” commented Marthe Leroy, an agronomist who heads her CADEC’s capacity reinforcement program in Haiti’s Artibonite Valley. “Workshops like this allow for the sharing of ideas and aide us in increasing the benefits of our own projects by learning what other communities have both struggled and benefitted from. In that way, our individual projects are strengthened through the models and ideas of others.”