The Indian IT industry is going through times of change. Automation, managed cloud services, and the economic slowdown are cited as some of the possible causes. The major consequence is however clear: mid-management is being trimmed. It is reported that over 17,500 mid-level employees have been laid off, and more are apparently coming. However, hiring continues for freshers, with over 87,000 being projected to be recruited in the coming year. Also, top-level management have their hands full in navigating their organisations through these tough times.

So, we have activity both at the bottom and the top, and a middle that is thinning. This is what we are calling the “lean mean”.

We see two well-understood and fundamental causes for the lean mean. One, technology is rapidly…

It has been about a year since PadhAI started. In this time, we have experienced great joy in teaching Deep Learning through our online course to several thousand learners. We have received unanimously positive feedback from both students and professionals. The learners especially noted our in-depth focus on the mathematical foundations, and also the careful demonstration of hands-on programming skills. We remain grateful for having this chance to make a positive contribution to so many learners.

Looking ahead to 2020, our primary goal remains the same: Contribute in readying India for the AI age. This means three things:

  1. Continue to…


Powering your AI take-off

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